Jinger Duggar Reveals Classy Side To Husband Jeremy Vuolo After Wedding, The Duggars Await Baby News From New Family?

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are surprising Counting On fans with their Facebook posts. Not only did her new husband reveal a sense of humor on Christmas, but he also revealed his classy side on her birthday. The ex-soccer player posted a YouTube video on the family blog to record a public message for Jinger, but it looked like there was more in store for his precious wife.

Just before 2016 ended, Jeremy revealed that he treated Jinger to a classy surprise. With a photo upload on Facebook, he showed that he took her to a classic concert, opera or a ballet recital. Check out the picture!

It looks like he couldn’t get the orchestra seats so instead he had the idea of packing binoculars so that they don’t miss anything!

After their wedding, the new couple has kept mum about their lives as they settled down into their lives as a budding family. They took off to Australia and New Zealand for their honeymoon and when they returned, to the fans’ disappointment, they decided against making their lives too public too soon.

Only when her sister Jill Dillard announced that she is pregnant with her second child did Jinger and Jeremy emerge from their silence, congratulating the mother-of-one on her second pregnancy. Since then, Jeremy, who has a Facebook account from when he was a professional soccer player, has been uploading a picture here and there, revealing his life with Jinger.

He also has been taking charge in updating their family blog. The latest post is a video of them enjoying Christmas service with his father and mother. It made a particular impression on him, as the organ player decided to lead the congregation in twelve rounds of “Twelve Days of Christmas” in lightning speed.

Check out the video and see Jinger keeping up with the accompanist!

This holiday season has been pretty special for the Vuolos. It also coincided with their nesting period, after returning from their honeymoon, followed by Jill’s second baby announcement, Jinger’s birthday and, of course, the holidays.

“Happy Birthday, my Love,” he wrote on Facebook on her birthday. “Next only to our Lord Jesus Christ, you are the joy of my life and the delight of my soul! I love you, Jinger.”

He certainly sounds like a man in love.

They also have been attracting attention as a good looking and fashionable couple. As the only Duggar couple that got engaged in New York, they have not failed in showing Counting On fans that they are keeping up with their sartorial duties.

Check out the couple dressed chic for the Christmas season.

It looks like they took Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s advice for a happy marriage quite seriously. Jinger’s mother and father had a special message for her husband, as they look to craft a relationship that is just as successful as theirs.

“We encourage all of you guys out there, pursue your wife as if you were dating her, treat her like a queen, humble yourself and ask for forgiveness when offenses come,” her parents wrote on their family blog.

Both couple are probably hoping that it isn’t long before Jinger starts having babies. The fact that she comes from a family of 18 siblings and that her older sisters, Jill and Jessa, got pregnant just a few months after their weddings, mean that there is some pressure on Jinger to do the same. Jeremy is a lot older than her sisters’ husbands, at 29 years old, so that may bear some weight on the matter.

How long do you think it will take until Jinger gets pregnant with her first baby? Let us know in the comments below!

[Featured Image by Jeremy Vuolo/Facebook]