Are Tamra Judge And Heather Dubrow Leaving ‘RHOC’? What About Vicki Gunvalson?

Tamra Judge was furious on the previous season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, as she felt completely betrayed by her former friend. It’s no secret that Tamra forgave Vicki Gunvalson for the cancer scandal with Brooks Ayers, because she wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. Judge had a feeling that maybe Vicki was being genuine with her feelings, but she quickly learned that Vicki just wanted to get into her good graces again. On the trip to Ireland, Judge learned that Gunvalson had been spreading rumors about her, her marriage and her husband. And it sounds like some fans believe that both Tamra and Heather Dubrow won’t be back for another season of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

According to a new tweet, Tamra Judge has been rather silent on social media since the previous season ended, but someone decided to call both her and Heather out for supposedly removing “RHOC” from their Twitter bios. Of course, the ladies are gearing up for another season at the moment, and it is possible they are looking through contractual offers before signing on for another season. Maybe Bravo wanted to give them some time off before the next season, as last season was horrendous in the drama department.

“Speculation that Heather and Tamra are not returning to #RHOC as both of them removed RHOC from their bios… hmmm,” read the tweet from an account that often talks about The Real Housewives franchise, but it was written in pure speculation.

While Tamra Judge remained silent on social media about supposedly removing “RHOC” from her Twitter bio, Heather decided to set the record straight. As it turns out, she never referenced the show in that manner in her bio. And as for Tamra, she still uses the word “housewife” in her Twitter bio.

“I love how this person with no followers starts rumors…. hmmmm wonder who that could be??” Heather Dubrow replied to the rumors, hinting that perhaps Kelly Dodd had started the rumors that she and Tamra Judge were leaving the show, to which one person replied, “Somebody got butt hurt and deleted the link. Funny. Glad ur not going anywhere Heather Dubrow U & Tamra Judge make the show!”

“Why is #RHOC missing from your bio?! Are you telling us something?!????? Please don’t leave!” one person wrote to Heather in a panic, who replied with, “It was never on my bio :)”

So if Heather and Tamra Judge aren’t leaving, does that mean Vicki could be leaving the show? Well, she recently posted a New Year’s Eve message to her followers, where she used the “RHOC” hashtag, hinting that she was not leaving the franchise behind anytime soon.

“Happy new year from our family to yours. Make 2017 the best ever. We [heart] you all! #RHOC #Make2017YourBestYearYet,” Vicki Gunvalson wrote on Instagram, while sharing a picture of her boyfriend Steve and her daughter Brianna with her family.

Judge was furious last season when she learned that Vicki had been talking about her behind her back to newcomer Kelly Dodd. It’s no secret that Judge and Dubrow would want both Kelly and Vicki off the show and Judge opened up about her frustrations in her Bravo blog before the show ended.

“So who’s lying? You could see Vicki felt really uncomfortable and ran down the hall so she didn’t have to be confronted. Vicki was doing what she does best tossing her good friends under the bus. By the way Vicki ran off, I believe she was lying to try to get me mad at Kelly. It was so calculated! She knew Kelly had apologized to me and knew I would move on. Seems like Vicki doesn’t want me to be friends with Kelly. I wonder why?” Tamra Judge explained in her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of Orange County, according to Bravo.

What do you think of Tamra Judge and Heather Dubrow being the subjects of a rumor that they are leaving the show?

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