February 27, 2017
Bill Nye, Bernie Sanders Talk Climate Change, Alien Life On Other Planets

When advertising his upcoming conversation with Bill Nye, Bernie Sanders mentioned that although there is a "climate denier in the White House and plenty more in the cabinet and Congress," we can still make progress transforming the energy system away from fossil fuels toward clean energy, and create jobs and an economic boost in the process. As reported by Mediaite, In a Facebook post before the live event, Bernie Sanders wrote the following.

"We must move to protect our planet for future generations by transforming our energy system and in the process create good-paying jobs for millions of Americans."
In a live Facebook event that took place today, February 27, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders spoke with science icon Bill Nye "the science guy" about the effects of Global Warming on the world. Sanders began the conversation by discussing the current state of our government, with President Donald Trump as our Commander and Chief.
"We have a President of the United States who thinks that climate change is a hoax emanating from China. What are the short and long term implications of a president who has that view?"
During the live event, Bill Nye spoke about the Solutions Project, whose main mission is to transition to 100 percent clean and renewable energy for everyone and all purposes. Nye has determined that every other minute, President Trump contradicts himself. President Trump has declared numerous times that creating American jobs are a top priority.

Bill Nye claimed that, if we chose to power the United States with renewable energy, it would be a huge opportunity from an economic standpoint. Even if the blades for the wind turbines were made in other countries, constructing and erecting turbines would create an enormous number of U.S. jobs.

Bernie Sanders asked Bill Nye about science in general. According to Nye, the data behind science is settled. He claimed that news stations who dispute the existence of Global Warming, such as Fox News, cross the line. They are doing the American people a disservice.

Nye also stated that anchors who report such extreme skepticism know better and are probably just going along with the position of the station. He went on to say that such denial can be likened to the large companies who once claimed that cigarettes didn't cause cancer, even though the scientific facts are overwhelming.

Bernie Sanders and Bill Nye spoke about the tar sands, and the immense damage the fight over the oil has caused to the natural environment that surrounds it. Nye expressed how disappointed he was to see the vast destruction, which seemingly has no end as it is viewed from a helicopter.

[Image by Chris Kolaczan/Shutterstock] Bill Nye and Bernie Sanders talk about Tar Sands.

Many individuals are concerned that wind turbines will kill birds. However, Bill Nye and Bernie Sanders spoke about the cannons surrounding the tar sands, meant to scare the birds away from the toxicity of the land that surrounds the area. If you want to kill birds, says Nye, coal-fired electricity plants are the way to go.

Using the psychology term cognitive dissonance, Bill Nye likened the Americans who believe President Trump is correct in his "extreme denial of Global Warming" to Aesop's tale about a fox and grapes.
Bill Nye claimed that fossil fuels have a huge impact. He hopes that when people see the light, they will look at the world in a different way and be on the side of natural, renewable energy. Bernie Sanders asked Nye what would happen to the planet if we refuse to see the truth?

Nye stated that we build sea walls and parks to avoid effects, such as those from Hurricane Sandy. We spend billions of dollars in the developed world to avoid these effects, and all the while, millions of people who live in the still developing parts of the world are displaced. People default on their mortgages and leave. Millions of people migrate to a safer location but have nothing to eat.

Bill Nye went on to disclose that many known climate scientists are discovering a lot of unrest in the middle east. Individuals there, due to lack of rain, no longer want to stay and work the family farms. There is no profit without the rain that makes the plants grow. Nye hypothesizes that these individuals migrate to the big cities, and when they cannot find jobs, they join terrorist organizations. He further suggests that building turbines would provide jobs for these individuals, thereby keeping them out of dangerous situations.

Nye made the claim that fossil fuel companies would be even richer if they were to get on board with natural energy. He then suggested that individuals can conserve energy in small ways at home by insulating an attic or installing double or triple paned windows. Bernie Sanders agreed that new windows are a long-term investment that will pay off in the short term. Electric cars are decreasing in price, and Nye mentioned that he hopes to see a day when all ground travel is transitioned to electric.

[Image by Arindambanerjee/Shutterstock] Bill Nye and Sanders Talk About Clean Energy

A self-proclaimed patriot who was born and raised in the United States, Bill Nye wishes to see the U.S. become a leader in the innovative technology that would harness the natural energy. He believes that the same technology used for mobile phones could be used to distribute electricity, and electricity on a large scale has to be "managed in new and cool ways." He went on to say that if you "hate the government, make your own electricity."

Sanders and Nye changed the conversation to science in general. Nye mentioned that scientists are under immense pressure, and are concerned about their data being erased or reviewed. Their jobs are being attacked, and some scientists have been attacked personally. Science, according to Nye, holds the key to the future of humanity.

In fact, Nye mentioned that the U.S. has previously led the world in the space race. This year, China will launch more rockets. Nye believes that the federal budget should be spent on space exploration. Scientists learning about nature and space is a far better investment than building nuclear weapons.

"Finding evidence of life on another planet will change the course of human history," says Nye. At the very least, detecting meteors and finding a way to deflect them will save the existence of mankind.

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