Justice For Twinkle: Emaciated Puppy Found Dead Inside Box At A Connecticut Park

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Authorities in Wolcott, Connecticut are offering a $400 reward for more information in the shocking death of a 4-month-old male pit bull puppy whose emaciated body was found inside of a box, which was left on a walking trail at a local park, according to the WTNH.

It was reported that while a Walcott resident was searching for fishing lures along the edge of the water at Scoville Reservoir on Friday, December 30, the resident stumbled upon a black garbage bag.

Wolcott Animal Control Officer Roslyn Nenninger said, “Curiosity gets the best of people and you see a box like that of course, its human nature to see what’s inside and unfortunately what he found wasn’t a good find.”

After opening the garbage bag, a box – which is believed to be an old ottoman – was found inside.

The Walcott resident was in for a shock when he opened the box and discovered the body of an emaciated pit bull puppy.

Wolcott police were immediately called to the scene and determined that the puppy, who they named Twinkle, was left at the park Thursday evening or Friday and was left to die before his body was found.

A veterinarian stated that the pit bull puppy was alive before his body was found inside of the box.

A necropsy, an animal autopsy, will be executed to determine Twinkle’s cause of death, but police officials will not receive the results until about two weeks.

Nenninger said, “The physical condition of the dog makes you take a step back and be like, who would do something like this.”

Although the owner of the dog has not been located, Wolcott police officials believe the owner was a local who knew the area well – which is popular among walkers and boaters.

It was not immediately made clear if authorities believe the owner of the puppy may be involved in the death of Twinkle but an investigation is underway.

“It’s wrong. It’s absolutely wrong what they did, and this person needs to be held accountable,” said Nenninger.

“There was no reason for this whatsoever. No matter what happened to this dog, by its physical and visual condition, this dog suffered.”

“Even if the puppy was unwanted or sick, the owner should never have discarded it. There’s always someone willing to adopt a puppy.”

Authorities are hoping to find the owner of the puppy when children return to school after the holidays, believing that they will talk amongst each other about a missing dog, leading investigators to Twinkle’s owner.

“Listen to your children, listen to your peers, listen to your people around you,” said Nenninger.

“Somebody knows something, and someone is going to say something.”

The Wolcott community was in shock after learning that someone left their emaciated pit bull puppy to die alone at a local park.

Residents now want justice for Twinkle.

Carla Goldstone, who is a Wolcott resident, stated that she “was really just horrified that someone would think of this was a good place to dump something. I hope with all the exposure it will show people we aren’t going to tolerate this kind of action and people are upset about it in the town.”

In a Facebook post, the Wolcott Dog Pound wrote, “RIP little man, and I am so sorry this happened to you.”

It was reported that evidence was found at the scene, including a cigarette butt and the person responsible will face criminal charges, says Wolcott police.

If anyone has information regarding the death of a 4-month-old pit bull puppy found at the Scoville Reservoir, you are urged to contact the Wolcott police at 203-879-1414.

Wolcott Police Department and Wolcott Animal Control will join to investigate the incident.

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