Tiny Harris Posts New Year’s Message And Everyone Thinks It’s About Divorcing T.I.

When it was recently learned that Tiny Harris filed for divorce from T.I., it gave credibility to all those rumors that the estranged couple was having relationship problems. On New Year’s Eve, Tiny posted on Instagram about doors opening and closing, causing quite a few of her followers to think the post was about ending her relationship with the Atlanta rapper.

“Thankful for all things I’ve endured in life. It has gave me strength, knowledge, wisdom & UNDERSTANDING!! Feeling great about 2017! God see’s & knows all & my faith is too strong to break me! Stay prosperous & Blessed in the New Year of 2017,” Tiny captioned a photo on Instagram.

The picture that the Xscape singer-turned-reality star posted was really a message about God opening and closing doors and a lot of people think she is talking about closing the door on her marriage. One follower commented on the photo, calling Tiny out and claiming that she wouldn’t be anything without T.I. The Shade Room caught a screenshot of the comment that was so inflammatory that Tiny couldn’t resist and had to comment back.


It seems like Tiny Harris is at peace with her decision to divorce T.I. If she really is talking about ending her marriage (and she never said she was) then maybe there will be some new doors opening for Tiny and her family in the new year.

One fan thinks she wouldn’t be anything without T.I., though. She responded to the post and made sure to let Tiny know that T.I. made her. Apparently, the young fan didn’t know that Tiny was in a pretty successful group way before she and T.I. were a thing. Tiny didn’t let her walk away without knowing though and she responded right back.

“Sorry bih T.I. didn’t make me. I was already made when I met him. Your [sic] clearly to young to know that. But u should do your homework first before u come talking (pooh emoji),” Tiny responded.


Hey, at least Tiny was nice to the girl who tried to tell her that she wasn’t anything before she hooked up with her husband. Sometimes the comments section really can get under a celebrity’s skin and make them snap on a fan. It looks like this time, Tiny just wanted to school the girl a little.

There have been rumblings that VH1 might be canceling T.I. and Tiny’s reality show in the wake of their divorce news. It would be hard for the show to go on if the couple were no longer a couple. That could be why T.I. has reportedly been trying so hard to get Tiny to take the divorce back. It’s kind of sad because T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle is one of the most wholesome reality shows on VH1 and a lot of people really like watching their family.


While it has been reported that T.I. and Tiny are amicable right now, there is no indication that Tiny is willing to undo the divorce she just filed. Maybe this recent Instagram post about closing doors to open others is her way of letting people know that she is over being married to T.I. and ready to move on.

Do you think T.I. and Tiny Harris will go through with their divorce or will they reconcile for the sake of their family (and for their show)? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Prince Williams/Getty Images]