Amy Weber: Former WWE Star Has Laptop Stolen, Decides To Release Nude Pictures Herself

Amy Weber came up with a bold idea when her laptop containing nude pictures was stolen.

The former WWE star decided that she would head off the alleged thief and release the nude pictures herself, TMZ reported. Amy Weber’s naked pictures, along with the laptop containing them, were stolen from her car last Wednesday while she was playing with her children at a Los Angeles park.

The Amy Weber naked pictures contained on the laptop were from a Playboy shoot that never ended up getting published, the WWE Diva said. With the laptop stolen, Weber met with her management team and came to the decision to release the photographs herself rather than allow the person who stole them to further profit from the theft.

Even fans of WWE may have a hard time recalling Amy Weber, Bleacher Report noted. Her stint in the wrestling empire was brief, serving as “image consultant” for wrestler JBL for one year.

Some have met the news of Amy Weber’s nude pictures with criticism, noting that the entire story sounds like it could be a set-up. Others draw comparisons to Kim Kardashian, who rose to fame thanks to a sex tape that she decried, publicly at least.


For her part, Amy Weber stood by her decision to release the naked photos.

Do you think Amy Weber orchestrated the release of her nude pictures, or is she just a victim standing up for herself?