Inside Phaedra Parks’ Lavish New North Atlanta House, Complete With A Keeping Room

In the middle of December, it was reported that The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks purchased a new house in Buckhead, North Atlanta for $1.9 million.

While Starcasm has reported that this lavish mansion purchased from Sotheby’s has now been removed from Sotheby’s website, there is a YouTube video which gives a full tour around Phaedra Parks’ brand new 9,000 square-foot house, which comes with six bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, making things easier for future guests.

Sotheby’s described Phaedra Park’s house as having ample space with massive rooms and also boasts a location that is thought to be in a highly sought after neighborhood in Buckhead, North Atlanta.

“Gated, bright updated estate on two acres on one of Buckhead’s most prestigious streets. Such value. Must see inside! Huge rooms. Entertainer’s dream with interior views to the stunning grounds and pool. Two master suites, four fireplaces, four car garage and additional parking.”

Phaedra Parks at the 6th Annual Santa's Secret Workshop in West Hollywood, California on December 3, 2016.
Phaedra Parks at the 6th Annual Santa's Secret Workshop in West Hollywood, California on December 3, 2016. Fans of Phaedra Parks have been very excited over the purchase of her new house. [Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]

The new house of Phaedra Parks will also feature a large number of outdoor areas such as courtyards, patios, and balconies, which will be perfect for entertaining.

“Guest house with elevator shaft built in 2000 with office level, kitchen, keeping room, bedroom and bath. Home can be anything from a soft contemporary to a traditional in decor. Inviting outdoor spaces include manicured patios, courtyards, balconies, and a gazebo. So much to love and enjoy in this prime Atlanta residence.”

One very interesting aspect to this Sotheby’s listing is that this home features a keeping room. Many might wonder what a keeping room is. These are rooms that began in colonial times, as Candy’s Dirt describes. These keeping rooms existed before there were large homes like the new house that Phaedra Parks bought and were used as multi-purpose rooms that attached to other rooms, such as kitchens, or made access to the kitchen easier with a more open entrance.

Builders have stated that as kitchens continue to evolve and change, keeping rooms are becoming more popular than ever. While Wise Geek notes that in the past keeping rooms were also used for sleeping arrangements as oftentimes it was the only area of the house that was warm thanks to the kitchen stove, it is probably unlikely that Phaedra Parks will be sleeping in the keeping room of her new house.

When it comes to Phaedra Park’s interior design style for her houses, she confides that she has been extremely influenced by Gianni Versace, the founder of the Italian fashion giant Versace. Bravo TV describe Phaedra’s insatiable appetite for chandeliers.

“The things I am most crazy is chandeliers. I love crystal chandeliers. All the chandeliers in my house is custom done by Luna Bella, who actually did all the chandeliers for Versace when he was alive. And so when I found that out, I brought him in ’cause, of course, Versace was everything. So I said if you did Versace chandeliers and his furniture, you are qualified to do mine. And so they did a fabulous job and so all of my pieces are pretty much custom.”

Phaedra Parks with Andrew Young, at HISTORY's 'Roots' advanced screening in Atlanta, Georgia on May 9, 2016.
Phaedra Parks with Andrew Young, at HISTORY's 'Roots' advanced screening in Atlanta, Georgia on May 9, 2016. [Image by Paras Griffin/Getty Images]

Phaedra Parks has a very strong aesthetic when it comes to designing the interior of her house and says that she loves to decorate. She calls herself “girly,” but says that she “loves textures” and things that she finds very rich in nature.

However, when asked if there was anything in particular that she just couldn’t live without, Phaedra says that she makes it a point to never grow too attached to anything in particular.

“I don’t think there’s anything I could never live without because I think growth is about transition and knowing when to let go.”

With the purchase of Phaedra Park’s new North Atlanta house, what kind of new changes do you think she will make as she settles in?

[Featured Image by Peter Kramer/AP Images]