Ohio Early Voting: A Machine Allegedly Showed Obama Vote When Romney Box Pressed

Ohio early voting concerns were raised when a citizen pressed the Mitt Romney button on the touch-screen and a ballot was allegedly cast for Barack Obama instead. Similar concerns were also voiced by some voters in North Carolina and Kansas, according to The Examiner.

Joan Stevens noted her frustration at attempting to cast her vote for the chosen candidate during an interview with the Marion Star. The incident was initially believed to be voter error prompted by not hitting the button directly. Stevens maintains that she knows how to do the touch-screen voting and wanted officials to check the machine.

She reportedly informed Marion County Board of Elections member Jackie Smith about the problem she was having with the machine. She reportedly had to try pressing the screen three times before her vote was properly cast. Stevens maintains the Smith told her they had been experiencing issues with the voting machine all day. Smith declined to comment when asked about the matter by the local newspaper.

Stevens had this to say about her voting mishap:

“Upon selecting Mitt Romney on the electronic touch screen, Barack Obama’s name lit up.”


State elections officials reportedly had the problematic machine inspected. Similar review measures were reportedly taken in North Carolina to ensure that the desired choices were logged properly.

Marion County Board of Elections Director Sophia Rogers had this to say on the Ohio early voting incident:

“Because of her issue, we had that machine recalibrated. I am certain the equipment works properly.”

Rogers also noted that the voting machine used by Stevens worked without issue when she tested it and that no one else had reported any malfunctions. The director also added that, for residents concerned about using the electronic touch-screen machines, paper ballots are still available for use.