Don Lemon Drunk? Anchor Gets Ear Pierced Live On CNN – Talked Out Of Nipple Piercing [Video]

Of all the trending items on Facebook at the moment — including Kim Burrell, who is at the center of controversy over a recent sermon, as reported by the Inquisitr — Don Lemon’s name has 11,000 people talking about him on Facebook. To get more specific, Facebook reports the phrase “Don Lemon ear pierced CNN” getting talked about by more than 35,000 via their search engine, which deems Lemon’s ear actions a popular search. That’s because Lemon decided to get his ear pierced live on national TV, with titles of videos of the below event speculating that Don may have been inebriated during the ear piercing.

As seen in the above video, Anderson Cooper talked Lemon out of getting his nipple pierced, as did Don’s cohost. Lemon seemed prepared to take off his shirt and get his nipple pierced on live TV, before letting the tattoo and piercing artist decide on the “boring” ear piercing instead. Lemon joked about not getting blood on his jacket, since it was a jacket that had to be returned to Brooks Brothers.

As reported by Deadline, the New Year’s Eve celebration showing Lemon getting his ear pierced was one that took viewers by surprise, and was entertaining at the same time. On Twitter, the phrase “Don Lemon ear” is certainly getting an “earful” of responses about Lemon’s antics, live on TV. As seen in the tweet from the New York Post, Don was captured downing a shot of alcohol first — a somewhat common practice that some people engage in prior to getting piercings or tattoos, in order to help people not feel as much. However, certain experts claim that imbibing alcohol may not be the smartest path to dull pain before such procedures, because of how alcohol affects the blood system. Also, people don’t want to make choices they would regret whilst drunk that they normally wouldn’t make while sober. Maybe that’s why Lemon was talked out of getting his nipple pierced, because Don might have regretted showing his bare chest live on TV by New Year’s Day.

In the video above, Lemon can be seen reacting to getting a large needle stuck through his ear. In the end, Don admitted that his ear piercing didn’t really hurt that much, and that he needed to check a mirror to see how the saint symbol looked in his ear. In the meantime, Lemon asked Cooper how he felt the new ear piercing looked, and Don sought the advice of Kathy as well. Griffin joked that Lemon should have gotten more things pierced, and should have only stopped when she said so.

Other trending names on New Year’s Day included Jenny McCarthy, who was another New Year’s Eve host. Mariah Carey’s botched performance was big on social media as well. Ryan Seacrest was another popular name being bandied about social media on New Year’s Day — along with the fact that the Hollywood sign was changed to read “Hollyweed” instead.

Some of the reactions to Lemon from social media can be read below.

: “Every year, Don Lemon gets drunk on TV, and every year, lots of people are surprised/shocked. The ear piercing was weird though.”

“I’m loving 2017 already. CNN anchor drinks, gets his ear pierced, stands on top of the bar, and get mic cut on live TV.”

The top photo above shows Lemon when he attended the 10th Annual CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute at the American Museum of Natural History on Sunday, December 11, 2016. Future photos will show if Don will sport an earring in his left ear after that live TV ear piercing from New Year’s Eve.

[Featured Image by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP Images]