Markeith Rivers Shot: Social Media Star Famous For Outing ‘Down Low’ Gay Men Allegedly Robbed And Shot

Markeith Rivers has allegedly been shot, with someone targeting the so-called “DL Detective” who gained fame for exposing gay men on social media.

Rivers was known across social media for his work highlighting “down low” men, including those who have a public stance against homosexuality, but are secretly in relationships with men. Rivers shared both video and personal information about these men, some of whom had wives and even children.

While details of the alleged shooting of Markeith Rivers are light, a site called Aazah reported this week that he had been robbed and shot in North Carolina. The site added that it may have been a targeted hit against the controversial social media star.

“Rivers was allegedly shot sometime last night or early this morning,” the site noted. “Whoever shot him also robbed him. The person also set Rivers car on fire. Apparently someone posted Rivers address online after a video he posted earlier this week.”

It’s not clear if there was any truth to the story of Markeith Rivers being shot. The original report was light on details, and there appeared to be no stories fitting the description of his shooting in the Charlotte Observer.

The report of Rivers’ shooting also made its way to other gossip sites online, though most called back to Aazah.

Markeith Rivers gained nationwide fame and notoriety after allegedly exposing a pastor in Charlotte as gay. As All Christian News reported, Rivers outed Pastor Henrico White of the Weeping Willow AMA after allegedly trapping him.

“Rivers says that he believes it is wrong for White to have sex with him and then get up and preach from the Bible on Sunday,” the report claimed. “To make his point, Rivers made a sex tape and told White that he would release it if he did not step down from his position as pastor.”

Markeith Rivers allegedly shot in North Carolina
[Image by Markeith Rivers/Twitter]

As Bossip reported, Rivers made it known that he was trying to out Pastor Henrico White and others tried to talk him out of it — to no avail.

“Two local pastors met with Rivers and encouraged him to call off his protest while they moderate and investigate the scandal. When asked to let due process play out, Rivers is said to have replied, ‘Due process for what? You know Henrico is gay – you know your pastor is gay!'”

The allegations led to quite a scandal in the area, as White was known as an influential church leader who helped to grow his congregation by large measures.

“After hearing the allegations, one person said White pastored two other churches prior to Weeping Willow. Under his leadership, within a few months, both churches grew in membership and was strengthened financially and spiritually,” the Las Vegas Guardian reported. “The unnamed source believes the church does not want the pastor to step down because he has empowered them in such a great way.

Rivers also gained a bit of notoriety last year after he published a video of a married man begging Markeith not to expose him publicly as gay. Rivers apparently ignored this request, posting the video and gaining tens of thousands of views.

The Facebook page for Markeith Rivers has many other videos of him meeting in secret with gay men, often sharing their personal information including their own private Facebook pages. But that page also had no information about the alleged shooting.

It does not appear that the controversial social media star was in danger of dying. The report from Aazah claiming that Markeith Rivers had been shot also reported that his condition had improved.

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