'The OA' Ending: 14 Clues You Might Have Missed [Part 2 - Conclusion]

Britt Lawrence

Netflix's new series The OA is filled with various twists and turns that can capture the imagination. The OA centers on Prairie Johnson (Brit Marling), a formerly blind woman who mysteriously vanished seven years before the start of the series. Throughout the first season of The OA, Prairie regales five people with her account of what she says transpired during her captivity.

In Part 1, the first half of 14 clues that might better illuminate the ending of The OA were tackled on Inquisitr. Below is the conclusion of that list.

Warning: The following article contains spoilers pertaining to The OA Season 1.

The OA shows an exact reconstruction of the events surrounding Hap murdering the man. Prairie is clearly telling "the five" something she never witnesses. How can Prairie have a god-like insight into an event she was not privy to, or told about?

By acknowledging that her father is no longer among the living, she admits she is wrong about something she had previously seemed certain about. Will it be the last time Prairie is wrong about one of her convictions?

Has practicing the movements led to this development? If so, it might be a short-term side effect, because Alfonso is still able to wear his glasses and maneuver around, even though he should be rendered blind by the glasses if he no longer needs them.

What could these clues mean for the ending of The OA? Do they point to a particular conclusion regarding the veracity of Prairie's story? According to The Hollywood Reporter's interview with The OA's creators, they have an "end" to the story. The OA has yet to be officially renewed for Season 2, so only time will tell what that is. To read Part 1 of this list on Inquisitr, click here. Season 1 of The OA is currently streaming on Netflix.

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