Christina El Moussa Tries To Save Brand While Her Marriage Falls Apart, ‘Flip Or Flop’ Not Her Only Income

Christina El Moussa is finding herself between a rock and a hard place. Her marriage to Tarek El Moussa is all but officially over and Flip or Flop is essentially canceled when filming for Season 3 wraps in early 2017. She has been separated from her husband since late spring but announced it earlier this month after a leaked phone call was made public. The El Moussas put out a joint statement about working on the marriage but gave no details on the cause of the split.

Many people have been under the assumption that Christina El Moussa was only working on Flip or Flop and didn’t have anything else to do in her down time. While this is the most popular and well-known business she co-owns with Tarek, there is also a real estate agency and the couple also gets paid for speaking engagements. According to Hollywood Take, Christina and Tarek El Moussa are worth well over $4 million. That is a lot of money to split in a divorce and with their business lives completely intertwined, things could get messy quickly.

Before things went south, Christina and Tarek El Moussa co-wrote a book together. Flip Your Life is set to be launched this upcoming March, which means the couple will have to spend a lot of time together for promotional purposes. Christina has spent a lot of time branding herself and Tarek to align with Flip or Flop in every single aspect of their business. With the news of cancellation for their show at the end of Season 3, she is struggling to find a way to keep her brand going. The money brought in per episode was around $10,000 which is going to cause a significant drop in their overall income. Despite their marriage failing, the El Moussas have reportedly been committed to making things work on the business side.

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Fans have been incredibly disappointed with the news that Christina and Tarek El Moussa have parted ways. The entire situation has been making headlines for almost the entire month of December, with details leaking slowly. Rumors have been circulating that the marriage fell apart when Tarek found inappropriate texts on Christina’s phone from the family contractor, Gary Anderson. It has since been alleged that Christina is currently dating Anderson. Another rumor has been circulating about Tarek and the former nanny, though that relationship apparently began in September, months after they had separated. There has been no official comment from either party except for the joint statement released earlier this month.

The El Moussas are going to be in business for life because of the way they have branded themselves. Christina may be able to save things as long as Tarek agrees to work with her through the divorce. Right now, no divorce papers have been filed. The couple has been seen meeting over coffee, presumably talking about where they go from here. Rumors of a possible reconciliation have surfaced but Christina squashed those when she confirmed she was not getting back together with Tarek. They can be friendly for business purposes and for their children, but the romance is gone at this point.

Things are going to get complicated for Christina El Moussa, especially with the business aspect of things. She has been working hard to brand herself for several years, making real estate the El Moussa way. With a real estate agency, home improvement show, and a book being launched, there is going to be a lot of thought put into where to go from here. If both Christina and Tarek can agree on keeping their business together and work side by side without any issues, everything may work out easier than expected.

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