Watch Eagle Cam Live Streaming: New Photos And Updates As Eaglets Make Their Grand Arrival In Florida’s Coldest Weather [Video]

Thousands of people nationwide are watching the Southwest Florida eagle cam live as they patiently await the arrival of new eagles. There are new updates and Harriet and M15 continue to guard and incubate the eggs. One egg has made great progress overnight and you can see in the photos below that the size of the pip or crack in the shell is much larger than it was last night. Many are worried that one of the eggs may not be viable and it will be a waiting game to know for sure. The eagle’s nest is located in North Fort Myers, Florida, and the area is currently experiencing cold temperatures. Tonight the weather is expected to drop to 45 degrees Fahrenheit, and many have remarked the baby eagles have picked one of the coldest days in Florida to make their grand debut. You may watch the eagle cam live streaming in the video above. Check out the videos below for another view.

There are three cameras and one with a split view, but not all are live streaming. You may watch two cams that are live streaming online in the video players below.

Southwest Florida Eagle Cam 1 (Live Stream)

Southwest Florida Eagle Cam 2 (Live Stream)

Dick Pritchett hosts the Southwest Florida eagle cam and has done so since 2012. The cam streams year round, but excitement mounts once Harriet and her mate (first Ozzie, now M15) return to the nest, mate, lay eggs, and then the miracle of birth in the wild takes shape. Since its inception, millions have tuned in to see the clutches grow into independent bald eagles and leave the nest to live their own lives. In addition to the live streams, Pritchett hosts a chat room on his website where those who are following the eagle cams can converse. The chat room has moderators and oftentimes individual questions may be answered. However, when it is time for eggs to hatch, the site and chat room draws a lot of traffic, making it nearly impossible for individualized attention in the chat room. There is an official blog where updates are posted in the form of notes. As the eagle cam streams live 24/7, many users take photos of monumental moments and share them among the group.

The eagles have been busy and this morning, a large fish appeared in the nest. It looks as if Harriet and M15 will have plenty to eat throughout the chilly Florida night. If you watch the live eagle cam at night, you might wonder where M15 disappears to. He comes into the nest several times but doesn’t always stay for very long. M15 is never far away and is always close by. He is usually perched upon a branch, directly above the nest standing guard. As the first camera focuses on the eagle’s nest, it is impossible to see M15 overhead. He can be spotted in the other camera and live streams.

The live eagle cam provides many learning and educational opportunities for viewers of all ages. As the bald eagle is the national bird and is multiplying nationwide, there are many lessons to be taught. Once a threatened and endangered species, the bald eagle has made a substantial comeback and is flourishing nationwide. Watching bald eagles reproduce in the wild, when they were once at the verge of extinction, verifies how important conservation efforts truly are.

Here is a list of teaching and educational resources regarding bald eagles across the United States, as previously provided by the Inquisitr. Many people tuning in to the live stream aren’t in Florida but have opportunities to view and learn about eagles in their own local environments. Also included in the list are coloring books, activity sheets, lesson plans, and more.

Bald Eagle Lesson Plans and Educational Resources

Are you watching the eagle cams live streaming online? Are you excited for the eaglets to hatch?

[Featured Image by Rocky Grimes/Shutterstock]