WWE News: WWE SmackDown Live Star John Cena Fires A Huge Shot At Roman Reigns On Twitter

It seems that WWE SmackDown Live star John Cena is not very happy over a recent tweet Roman Reigns put out, and decided to put him in his place over it. At a WWE Live Event this week, WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens was in a match with Reigns. This led to Owens putting Reigns in a headlock. Owens is known for trash talking with fans, especially online and at live events. This time around, Reigns had a big laugh at it.

While in the headlock, KO would yell at a fan saying, “I made about 35,000 in royalties. About 11,000 for the tour. What do you make? Are you proud of that 27,000?” This among other things made Reigns smile heavily and it was caught on camera. It became such a viral hit that Roman Reigns had to comment on it. The WWE United States Champion would go online and kind of take a shot at his Royal Rumble opponent on Twitter, saying the following.

“I was laughing, at KO’s merch check!!???? I made more splitting with The Shield. Imagine what it is now! ????

Roman Reigns Kevin Owens
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To be fair to Roman Reigns, he is probably right about The Shield stuff. Those guys were merchandise demons who sold a lot of gear during their time together. That said, no one is shocked that he would make more than Owens is now, even in a split. This was just a response due to KO being a heel and going after fans over what they made, so Reigns took a shot at KO the same way he did with the fans.

However, this did not settle well with John Cena who really made everyone seem small when he responded to Reigns on Twitter.

“While @WWERomanReigns was making fun of what people earn I was at @GeorgiaTechFB to

This was accompanied with a video of John Cena lifting weight that makes this near 40 year old man seem like he’s in his 20’s still. Now this shot he took was even bigger than people realize. For those unaware, Roman Reigns was a graduate of Georgia Tech where he played football for them. He’s a legend on the team and even had a shot in the NFL due to his college work. Sadly it did not work out, which is why Roman is in the WWE today.

So John Cena took a shot at a man in his own house basically. Now that is some fire being spat by the man who crushes all when it comes to money. It is estimated that John Cena makes over $10 million per year, which does not even include the work he does away from the WWE. When you talk about merchandise checks, Cena usually is the number one guy.

John Cena RAW
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Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens are talking about chump change in comparison to what John Cena pulls out. Only a few people ever take the top spot from Cena when it comes to merch, so when people brag about numbers Cena destroys. It is hilarious to the 15 time WWE World Champion. To most, this seems like nothing other than John Cena putting some of the new generation guys back in place.

In his last promo, he spoke out about how the “new era is BS” and it was the “my time is now era,” basically telling the world that he’s not done and you’re not getting rid of him. This, along with the fact that Cena said that he’s not stepping aside for anyone, and people would have to earn it to take his spot. That said, Roman Reigns is supposedly the next top guy. Yet John Cena is the guy right now, whether or not WWE wants to recognize that is another thing entirely.

John Cena doesn’t want the new era guys to think that he’s moving just so they could come in. Roman Reigns is not the top guy yet, not until Cena decides he’s done. He will obviously be cool with what WWE asks him to do, but he’s now making sure people know he’s John Cena and he’s not back to just lose to people, he’s back to make history. The small interaction on Twitter just shows that Cena is working hard to get better while the new era is playing games.

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