Azealia Banks: 3 Years Of Chickens’ Blood Brujeria Witchcraft Sacrifice Snapchat Video – Hoax Or Real? [Graphic]

As seen in the photo above and those below of rapper Azealia Banks, she had often sported a cross around her neck when Azealia performed in places like North London in 2014 or at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival in 2015. Banks was promoting her first studio album, “Broke With Expensive Taste,” but Banks has caused a bunch of confusion with her latest Snapchat video, which conjured possibilities of animal sacrifice.

It must be stated that while there was animal sacrifice when the Hebrew Temple stood in ancient Jerusalem, modern Judeo-Christian religions do not sacrifice animals or make blood offerings. Yet, Azealia managed to send the Internet into a tizzy with her video below, in which Banks speaks about cleaning up three years worth chicken blood that caked the floor of her closet.

In the video, Azealia is shown with the kind of power sander that one might use to scrape the finish off of their kitchen cabinets. According to Just Jared, Banks shared the video of herself via Snapchat, showing her cleaning up the dried mess of alleged chicken blood and feathers. The 25-year-old Azealia has often graced the headlines of celebrity news reports, but this one Snapchat video is seemingly causing furrowed brows around the web.

Azealia doesn’t specifically state that Banks has killed chickens in her closet. Azealia says that there’s a bunch of “crap” that’s about to come off of her floors. Something Banks called “three years worth of brujeria,” which is reportedly witchcraft in Spanish. Azealia claimed that “real witches do real things” in the Snapchat video, which can be seen below.

Warning: The following Snapchat video of Banks claiming to be cleaning dried chicken blood off of her floor might be disturbing to some viewers.

As expected, such a video has plenty of tweets coming into social media about Azealia, with folks wondering if Banks is really into witchcraft or not. A variety of reactions about Azealia’s video can be read below. Meanwhile, along with Azealia’s name, Twitter reports terms like “Banks witch” also getting attention. People want to know what happened with Azealia and Sia, Banks and the chickens, Azealia and Trump — as well as what’s really up with Banks’ wild chicken blood Snap Story — all according to the related search terms Twitter is currently reporting.

Azealia Banks
[Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP Images]

A sampling of the comments Azealia’s receiving via social media can be read below. Banks can also be seen in a below image, still sporting that cross during a concert. It’s notable that Banks doesn’t wear the cross when cleaning up the alleged chicken blood from her closet. Many people are commenting that Azealia’s “chicken blood” video caps off 2016 perfectly.

“[The year] 2016 has been such a strange year, it’s only fitting that it ends with Azealia Banks revealing she’s been sacrificing chickens for 3 years.”

raindrop: “Azealia Banks killing chickens?”

Azealia Banks [Image by Rich Fury/Invision/AP Images]

: “This Azealia Banks thing was too much to wake up to today.”

“I never thought I’d see a day were Sia subtweets Azealia Banks but here it is.”

: “No words.

“Stop Azealia Banks!

: “NSFL: Azealia Banks Is A Literal Witch.”

yas: “Azealia Banks really sacrificed chickens And used their blood for magic and s***… 2016 does not stop.”

: “Azealia Banks revealing her chicken sacrifice closet is such a bizarrely fitting end for such a bizarre year.”

: “I wanna get into this Azealia Banks tea but y’all saying she was doing some witch s**, I’m good.”

“Azealia Banks sacrificing chickens to please the gods so she can get her twitter back.”

[Featured Image by Rich Fury/Invision/AP Images]