‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Lulu’s Battle With Valentin Intensifies, Nelle’s Secrets Are Exposed, And Julian’s Mysterious Caller Is Revealed

Where are things headed next on General Hospital? Spoilers tease that things will be wild as 2017 kicks into gear, but everybody has a short hiatus to wait through first. As everybody saw on Thursday’s show, Nina impulsively married Valentin, Nathan and Maxie learned that their plans to get hitched had hit a snag, and Bobbie had confronted Nelle. Carly and Sonny are still struggling, and the new year will bring new challenges for them.

As SheKnows Soaps notes, new episodes of General Hospital will not air on either Friday, December 30 or on Monday, January 2. When the action picks up again, spoilers note that Lulu will question Dante about why her fighting with Nina might impact her custody fight with Valentin over Charlotte. Of course, as fans know, Nina has become a big factor in this battle now that she married Valentin. Nina may think that she helps Valentin’s case, but viewers aren’t so sure she’s right.

Sam and Jason will head to Alexis’ place, with Sam ready to confront her mother, and Elizabeth and Franco will be having a difficult discussion regarding Tom’s mysterious death. Carly and Sonny have shared some sweet moments with one another recently, but General Hospital spoilers indicate that they will continue to struggle in their relationship. She worries that she cannot be with him when he hasn’t changed his ways in his business, and everybody knows that he’s never going to truly cut ties with the mob.

'General Hospital' stars Maurice Benard and Laura Wright play Sonny and Carly
Sonny and Carly will continue to struggle in the shows ahead on ‘GH.’ [Image by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock]

Heading into 2017, General Hospital spoilers note that Spinelli will be back in the picture for a few shows, but there is a slight twist that fans are not terribly happy about. As Serial Scoop notes, Bradford Anderson had a schedule conflict with the brief character reprisal and former Days of Our Lives star Blake Berris will step into the gig of playing Spinelli for this brief return.

SheKnows Soaps teases that as new twists and turns play out in 2017, Nelle and Michael will grow closer to one another, but Bobbie is increasingly wary of the Port Charles newcomer and isn’t letting go of trying to figure out the truth. Nelle’s secrets will be revealed soon, and people are anxious to see which theories floating around pan out to be correct.

The investigation into the car bombing that supposedly killed Morgan continues, and General Hospital spoilers tease that the mysterious caller controlling Julian will soon be revealed. This reveal will tie into some things Alexis soon learns about that have transpired during the past year, and fans are anxious to see if this is all connected to Julian’s supposedly dead sister Olivia as many have suspected.

As Daytime Confidential recently noted, there are suspicions that Oscar Jessups is really Olivia Jerome. The buzz is that Tonya Walker is returning to reprise the role of Julian’s sister, whom he thought he killed in 1990. If indeed Olivia is alive and manipulating her brother as General Hospital spoilers suggest, her return in the episodes ahead would truly shake things up on many fronts.

'General Hospital' star Rebecca Herbst plays Elizabeth
Elizabeth has questions regarding Franco’s possible role in Tom’s murder on ‘GH.’ [Image by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock]

Elizabeth and Franco are facing some significant relationship challenges in the wake of Tom’s death, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that Griffin could become an additional complication for the couple as his connection to Elizabeth strengthens. Lulu is said to get reckless in a way that could threaten her custody fight, and Anna will make progress in piecing together her connection to Valentin.

The revelation that Claudette’s divorce from Nathan hadn’t been fully put into place has caused trouble in his engagement to Maxie, and General Hospital spoilers hint that lingering Claudette issues will continue to be a problem for Nathan and Maxie going forward. Olivia Falconeri and Ned Ashton will pop up in the episodes ahead, and teasers share that Kiki and Dillon may finally embrace a full-fledged romance. There is new trouble ahead for Finn and Hayden, and everybody will see more developing between Jordan and Curtis.

The new year brings the storyline regarding Kristina and her sexuality back to the forefront, and there’s action involving plenty of fan-favorite characters like Jax, Emma, and Robin coming up as well. General Hospital spoilers tease that there is plenty of excitement on the way, and while viewers will have to wait until Tuesday to see what comes next due to the lack of new shows airing on Friday and Monday, it sounds as if the action ahead will definitely be worth the wait.

[Featured image by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock]