WWE News: Sasha Banks Hints At Wanting To Move To ‘SmackDown Live’

Sasha Banks had a huge 2016 year in the WWE. She feuded with Charlotte through most of the year and ended up having a number of high-quality matches for the Raw women’s championship. However, her battles for the WWE title have ended and now she has to look at what her future holds.

When a fan on Twitter said that they believe that the title will come back home to Sasha Banks, the former Raw women’s champion responded cryptically that “I hope it’s blue.” Raw has red title belts and SmackDown Live has blue title belts.


When Sasha Banks battled Charlotte at Roadblock in a 30-minute Iron Man match, the announcers made sure that WWE fans knew that there was no rematch clause. This means that one of the biggest feuds in the WWE in 2016 would not stretch into 2017 and the loser was out of the Raw title picture.

Sure enough, the next night on Monday Night Raw, Charlotte started a brand new feud with Bayley while Sasha Banks came out on crutches to address the crowd and started a new feud with Nia Jax. In that moment, Nia attacked Sasha and kicked out her crutches before getting in some hits on the former champion.

Sasha Banks and Charlotte broke down a lot of walls during their WWE feud. They battled in a Hell in a Cell match, a Falls Count Anywhere match, and the Iron Man match. They also competed in a match on July 25 on Raw that the WWE named their third best match of the entire year.

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That match was the one where Sasha Banks won her first WWE women’s championship. She only held it for 27 days before dropping it back to Charlotte at SummerSlam. After that, Sasha won the belt back at another Raw event on Oct. 3 and held it for 27 days. She lost it at Hell in a Cell and won it a third time on Raw on Nov. 28. She held it only 20 days that time before losing it to Charlotte at Roadblock.

Overall, Sasha Banks won the Raw women’s title three times and held it for a total of 74 days in 2016. Now, she is out of the title picture completely. Cageside Seats reported that Vince McMahon is very high on Bayley as the face of the Raw women’s division. With Charlotte as the best heel on the brand, Bayley is the perfect face to battle her.

That doesn’t mean that Bayley will have the same level of matches that Sasha Banks had with Charlotte, but it does mean that Bayley is a better face than Sasha. When Bayley and Banks battled in NXT, Sasha was the perfect villain. She just isn’t as over as a face.

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There is a chance that Sasha Banks will get a chance to prove her babyface skills in this upcoming feud with Nia Jax. Whenever a face battles a monster, it usually elevates the face. The WWE seems to want that to happen with Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman, and fans still want to cheer Sasha Banks in her situation.

However, there is also the fact that Sasha Banks needs a change of scenery. Without her feud with Charlotte and without a chance at the Raw women’s title, there is little to keep Sasha Banks interesting on Raw.


Of course, moving Sasha Banks to SmackDown might not be the best answer. She could feud with Becky Lynch for the women’s title there. However, Alexa Bliss is the current champion and has really developed into a great heel on the brand. There is also a chance Sasha could remain a face and feud with Natalya or the soon-to-debut Mickey James. All that is known for now is that Sasha Banks seems to want her WWE future to be on the blue brand.

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