WWE News: Mick Foley Puts Off Hip Replacement Because He Has No Insurance

Mick Foley was given time off from the WWE during the holidays because he had commitments to a children’s hospital during Christmas. There were also rumors abounding that Mick Foley needed hip replacement surgery and would get that while on break from the WWE.

Mick Foley posted on his Facebook page that he will not be getting that surgery at this time after all. The reason that he gave was that the surgery to replace his hip will cost $60,000, and he isn’t willing to pay that money right now for the surgery. Foley then said that he doesn’t have insurance at all right now.

For people who wonder why Mick Foley can’t get surgery through the WWE, he said that he is not under an official contract so there is no insurance there for his use. Mick said that he is under the legend’s deal, which is just merchandising money, and his role as a general manager is just through a handshake agreement.

WWE News: Mick Foley Puts Off Hip Replacement Because He Has No Insurance
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Mick Foley also said that he only ended up taking one week off instead of the extended break that he originally wanted. He said that he would have taken more time off but he wanted to be there when they pulled off the Chris Jericho shark cage angle.

While Foley missed Monday Night Raw this week to fulfill a commitment to the Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital, he will be back on Raw next week. He then said that he will continue on in his role as the general manager on Raw until Stephanie McMahon and the WWE choose to go in a different direction.

Mick Foley also said that he is in great pain because of the bad hip and working on Raw actually makes it worse. However, Foley said he is enjoying his career in the WWE right now.

“I should be back for almost every episode until that moment comes when/if the company decides to go in a different direction. If they do, I will simply be grateful for every single day I had a chance to go out and try to make a difference.”

When it comes to the hip surgery, Mick Foley said that he won’t get it done right now because of insurance. He said that he had insurance for 26 years but companies started telling him they wouldn’t cover families anymore and then he missed a payment in 2016 and the company he was with dropped him.

WWE News: Mick Foley Puts Off Hip Replacement Because He Has No Insurance
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Mick said that he has no insurance heading into 2017 and doesn’t know when he will get it again. He did throw out the option of taking some TV and movie roles in order to get AFTRA insurance. Even if he does, Foley said that he doesn’t know if they will cover a hip replacement surgery that he has needed for years now.

“With or without a new hip I’m going to lead a good life. The medical sciences out there to help me lead a life with far less pain. I hope that I am given the opportunity to take advantage of the new technology. Maybe some enterprising orthopedic specialist can think outside the box and look at me as a potential poster-boy for their services.”


Mick Foley did say that his pain levels are much lower than they were before. As Comicbook.com reported, Mick Foley dropped 100 pounds in a year thanks to both DDP Yoga and encouragement from Vince McMahon. He said that without the weight loss and life changes, he wouldn’t get through the airports now.

Because of that, Mick Foley said that he can wait on the hip replacement until after his current WWE run is completed.

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