Donald Trump Already Bringing Jobs Back To The USA, Sprint And OneWeb To Hire 8000 Americans

About 8,000 additional jobs will be created for Americans by US companies, which would be a welcome departure from the offshoring and outsourcing practices in previous administrations, said President-elect Donald Trump.

On Wednesday, he announced that telecommunications giant Sprint will hire 5,000 American workers while a new firm, OneWeb, is seeking to employ 3,000 more.

“They’re coming back to the United States, which is a nice change,” Donald Trump said at his Mar a Largo property in Palm Beach, Florida.

The billionaire ran on the tagline “Make America Great Again,” as he promised a policy that is centered on Americans. This means that US firms are bringing back processes that were moved to Latin America or Asia due to cuts on operational and salary costs.

He hinted that his message of unity and working together to reclaim the identity of Americans as a people has resonated with the US companies, which in turn relayed their intention to help.

The President-elect further expounded on the creation of the new jobs.

“Because of what is happening and the spirit and the hope, I was just called by the head people at Sprint and they are going to be bringing 5,000 jobs back to the United States. They have taken them from other countries. They are bringing them back to the United States.”

Additionally, internet startup OneWeb has pledged to offer 3,000 more jobs. The announcement of which “is very exciting,” according to Trump.

OneWeb is a company that seeks to cut the digital divide by the year 2027. It will launch 10 satellites in about two years, with the aim of distributing low latency broadband access a year after.

“While the cities and suburbs of developed countries have broadband access, over 50 percent of the world, including rural America, Europe, and Asia, remain without reliable high-speed connectivity,” Founder Greg Wyler stated on OneWeb’s official website. “Internet access is critical for digital government, health, and education, and lack of access impairs financial growth when markets cannot develop, trade and become economically relevant to each other.”

Earlier this month, the President-elect managed to convince United Technologies, the company that owns air-conditioner manufacturer Carrier, to keep its plant in Indianapolis rather than move to Mexico. The decision, he said, is significant because 1,100 workers won’t have to relocate outside the US.

The company will instead invest in the US plant renovations as well.

Donald Trump initially promised to reduce taxes and further cut the bureaucracy to make it easier for US companies to invest their money right in their own country. He also said that his administration won’t let US companies move elsewhere “without consequences.”

The soon-to-be US president also announced that he had a fruitful talk with President Barack Obama. The two have been in disagreement over using the US veto to obstruct the UN from issuing a resolution condemning Israel.

The billionaire has always suggested that it’s time for the US to distance itself from the UN as he pointed out that the international body has not really done its part in solving problems. Instead, it’s the one “causing problems.”

“If it lives up to its potential it’s a great thing, if it doesn’t it’s a waste of time,” said Donald Trump.

The conversation with President Obama came on the heels of the series of tweets posted by Trump, criticizing the current administration for putting “roadblocks” in his way, which suggests that the transition won’t be as smooth as he would have liked it to be.

President Obama also talked to his former political advisor, David Axelrod, and suggested that he would have beaten Donald Trump had he run during last November’s elections, instead of Hillary Clinton. The POTUS said that his vision would have galvanized American people and that would have been enough to thwart a Trump presidency.

[Featured image by Mark Wallheiser/Getty Images]