Facebook Apologizes For Censoring Navy SEALS Anti-Obama Graphic

Facebook has issued an apology for twice taking down a graphic from the Facebook page of Special Operations Speaks, a group of retired Navy SEALS and other former US military commandos.

The image in question related to the Obama administration’s failure to rescue the four Americans (including two retired Navy SEALS) killed in Benghazi, Libya. It reads “Obama called the SEALs and they got bin Laden. When the SEALs called Obama, they got denied.”

Facebook also froze the Special Operations Speaks social networking page for about 24 hours. Facebook claimed that the content violated the social networking site’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, but didn’t elaborate.

According to the Washington Post, Facebook subsequently responded as follows:

“This was mistake, and we sincerely apologize for this error. We’ve since restored the content, and you should now be able to see it.”


In a statement, Capt. Larry Bailey, a retired SEAL, had this to say about the alleged Facebook censorship:

“It looks like Obama’s liberal followers in Facebook HQ are terrified of how damaging the Benghazi scandal is for the President. We understand that Facebook can run their site however they’d like, but when they’re trying to quietly squelch opposition to what is a clear leadership failure that resulted in the tragic deaths of some of our nation’s heroes, they deserve the to be called out on it … It is outrageous that Mark Zuckerburg, founder of Facebook, who worked to elect Obama in 2008, would sell out patriots who made the ultimate sacrifice – all to serve the political ambitions of the man who let them die.”

Watch Judge Napolitano on FNC discuss the Facebook censorship of Special Operations Speaks over the Libya terrorist attack: