‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Schedule Note And Spoilers: Liam And Steffy Butt Heads, Ridge’s Game With Quinn Continues, And Thomas Returns To Los Angeles

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that there are complicated and dramatic moments on the way, but viewers will have to wait until Monday to see where things head next. Ridge is scheming to woo Quinn just enough to cause issues in her marriage to Eric, and Steffy is in the midst of breaking some bad news to Liam about changes she feels she has to make due to still being married to Wyatt. Brooke is excitedly planning for her wedding, but Bill isn’t giving up on winning her back. Where are things headed next?

There is not a new Bold and Beautiful episode airing on Friday, December 30, but the action will kick back into gear again on Monday. As SheKnows Soaps shares, fans will get a flashback B&B episode on Friday, and it seems that it is the show that originally aired on July 28. As the New Year kicks into gear, the drama escalates and viewers will not want to miss what comes next.

Eric pressured Steffy to move out of the home with Liam, and he dangled a $1 million paycheck in front of her to nudge her to comply. She set up a romantic evening with her beau, but now Steffy has to try to explain why she is going to move out. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers detail that Steffy will explain that she is still a married woman and that living with him looks bad, and she’ll add that she’s had misgivings about that all along.

'Bold and Beautiful' star Pierson Fode plays Thomas Forrester
Thomas returns from New York City to shake things up on 'B&B' [Image by Jonathan Liebson/Getty Images]

It sounds as if Liam will push back against Eric’s demands, feeling as if her grandfather is asking too much and going too far. Liam will not give in on this point easily, but it seems that she will move out, at least for now. Steffy is said to consider moving back into the Forrester mansion, a move that would surely spark a fair amount of conflict and drama. However, it sounds as if ultimately she will head to Thomas’ place as she works toward finalizing her divorce from Wyatt.

Thomas will soon be returning from New York City, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers hint that he will be rather upset that he was not considered for the CEO spot. It sounds as if he will support Steffy during this tricky time, as she navigates ending her marriage to Wyatt and hoping for a future with Liam, but he will seemingly voice his frustrations over being left out of things at the family business as well.

Wyatt will surely be thrilled to see that his wife has moved out of his brother’s home, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers from Soap Central share that he will be coordinating efforts with Nicole to help Steffy. However, Liam is not backing down, and he will be making waves as he pushes against the strategies Wyatt wants to implement.

Ridge has decided to try to woo Quinn in an attempt to destroy her marriage to Eric, and Liam is the only one who knows the plan. Quinn is trying to resist Ridge’s charms, but she is struggling, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers hint that things are only going to get more intense on this front during the coming week. Will his plan succeed?

Ivy will be asking significant questions next week on 'B&B' [Image by John Sciulli/Getty Images]

Ivy overheard the steamy moments that Ridge and Quinn shared in the steam room, and spoilers from Serial Scoop indicate that Ivy will confront Quinn over what she heard during the week of January 2. Will this confrontation shake up Quinn and nudge her back on-track with her commitment to her husband? Teasers note that the new year brings more conflict between Katie and Quinn over Eric, so viewers shouldn’t look to see Ridge’s plan necessarily accomplish too much in the shows ahead.

Brooke is giddy over her engagement, and she is in the dark regarding her fiance’s antics regarding his work and family frustrations. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers note that Brooke will continue to look forward to her upcoming wedding, but Bill is determined to shake things up and win her back.

How far will Ridge go to try to push Quinn out of Eric’s life? Will the schemes to push Steffy back to Wyatt and away from Liam be successful? Is Brooke’s engagement going to lead to a wedding or will Bill manage to woo her back? The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint that after the short break with no new episode airing on Friday, the action kicks back into full gear during the coming week, and fans will not want to miss where things head next.

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