Watch Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Live Streaming Online: Eggs And Eaglets Updates Plus Free Teaching And Educational Resources [Video]

If you’re glued to the exciting world revealed through the Southwest Florida eagle cam, you aren’t alone. Over the past four years, millions have tuned in to watch Ozzie and Harriet, and now Ozzie and M15 bring the miracle of wildlife to the masses. With three cams strategically placed in North Fort Myers, Florida, the Southwest Florida eagle cam has brought to life each stage from mating and laying eggs, to the first pip or internal egg hatching and crack, to the arrival of eaglets and watching them grow and leave the nest. Viewers have watched every important moment as it happens, streaming live online, thanks to the courtesy of Dick Pritchett of Dick Pritchett Real Estate. You may watch the live streaming eagle cam provided by Dick Pritchett in the video player above.

Those watching Harriet, M15, and the two eggs will find that each moment brings new updates. At this current time, there are pips or the beginning cracks in both eggs. The world is on eaglet watch as they anxiously await the arrival of two eaglets. As referred to by the official Southwest Florida eagle cam, the eaglets should hatch within the next 48 hours now that the pips or first cracks have appeared in both eggs.

You may see photos from the Southwest Florida eagle site here: Southwest Florida eagle cam photos. The photos are a visual documentary of the journey Harriet and M15 have made this fifth season. This is their second clutch, and all eyes are awaiting the new eaglets’ arrival.

Because this is a live stream, it’s important to realize that sometimes life is unfair, cruel, and vicious. Due to Florida’s wildlife laws, Pritchett isn’t allowed to physically manhandle the nest or the birds. If he were to suspect something was wrong with the eggs, he would have to let nature take its course and not interfere. This can be distressing for young viewers, as the Southwest Florida eagle cam has attracted viewers of all ages. The cam is a wonderful educational tool for those who want to witness the miracle of birth in the wild.

As bald eagles are seen throughout the United States, the Southwest Florida live eagle cam might serve as a starting point to bring conservation efforts and awareness to threatened and endangered species in other areas. Those living in another state might find that viewing the live stream is the perfect opportunity to explore their local fish and wildlife service and live cams in their local region. From California to Florida, bald eagles can be found and there is much to learn about the national U.S. bird.

The live eagle cam is also an invaluable teaching tool for those who are invested in eagle conservation. Those who are watching the Southwest Florida eagle cam live stream and using it as a teaching tool may find the following educational resources helpful.

Those who want to learn more about the bald eagle as a species can check out the following documentary by National Geographic. It is a Nature documentary and provides an in-depth look at the bald eagle in the wild. You may watch American Eagle in the video player below.

Are you watching the Southwest Florida eagle cam live stream? It is a wonderful way to learn more about these endangered species and, as many children nationwide are on holiday break, a great way to bring a bit of education to their holiday vacation in a fun and non-threatening or boring way.

[Featured Image by Rocky Grimes/Shutterstock]