George Soros Blasts ‘Con Artist’ Trump, Calls Members Of Cabinet ‘Incompetent Extremists’

Mary AltafferAP Images

Billionaire financier, George Soros blasted Donald Trump Wednesday, calling him a “con artist” and his cabinet a bunch of “incompetent extremists.”

The 86-year-old who supported Hillary Clinton during the November 8 elections revealed in an opinion piece that Trump’s election would serve as encouragement to the “forces of disintegration.” He cautioned that the free world was in crisis and that leaders like Trump and Russian President, Vladimir Putin were serious threats to the democratic society modeled after the European Union.

According to the Daily Mail, the chairman of Soros Fund Management admitted that the 70-year-old Republican had toned down his rhetoric ever since he stunned the world and won last month’s elections. But he said his behavior was very much the same, adding that Mr. Trump’s cabinet comprised of “incompetent extremists and retired generals.”

Mr. Trump has already named three retired generals into key positions in his administration. They include John Kelly as secretary of homeland security, Michael Flynn as national security adviser, and James Mattis as defense secretary. Politico is reporting that the picks, even as it stands presently is the most-military styled administration since the 1940’s.

Trump has considered Navy Admiral Stavridis for secretary of state, Senator Jeff Sessions who attained the rank of captain in the Army Reserve for attorney general. His chief strategist, Steve Bannon was a former Navy officer. His top choice for director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Republican Mike Pompeo was as an Army Officer at West Point.

According to a source, Mr. Trump has spoken to his advisers over how many generals would be too many in his government. The insider alleged that the 70-year-old politician wanted to tap as many as five of them to occupy the highest rungs in the White House.

It is an open secret that the President-elect holds military leaders in high esteem. A confidant of the future president said he is “way too impressed in the generals,” an allure that stems from the fact that he attended a military academy but never joined the army. According to the source, Trump received draft deferments during the Vietnam War.

“The more you have on your shoulder and the more laurels that you have on your visor, the more impressed he is.”

Another source said the controversial politician was drawn to military people because their swagger, straight talk, and style of leadership was similar to what he adopted in his business. Retired General Jack Keane was tapped by Mr. Trump to consider the defense secretary position, but he declined. However, he agreed with the stance that Trump had adopted in taking former military men to the White House. Keane said they might represent “the best athletes on the field,” because America had been at war for the last 15 years.

Michael D’ Antonio, a biographer who spent hours interviewing Trump in 2014, said the President-elect would find it difficult to wield any form of influence over his top brass because he would want to please them at every turn.”

“Donald has been fascinated by the military men since he was 13 years old…Ever since he’s believed that a certain Hollywood version of a World War II general [Patton] represents real leadership. The danger in this is he won’t be discerning when it comes to their recommendations and may not value the civilian role in the defense establishment…I think Donald is going to please them as much as possible and he’s very vulnerable to their influence.”

Soros has pointed out that despite the thick military presence in Trump’s cabinet, little would be done to preserve global democracy. He argued that America would be occupied with internal struggles because of Trump at the helm. He said this would give dictators all over the world the chance to carry on with their atrocities without interference.

The 86-year-old in his opinion column wrote that Trump would prefer to broker deals rather than defend principles He added that his area of interests would definitely be popular with his core base of supporters. Soros who is reportedly worth around $24.9 billion dollars said the financial crisis of 2008 laid the foundation for fractures within the European Union. According to him, the divisions within the EU have been hurried along with the secretive schemes of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Soros said Putin helped Trump win the elections by leveraging on the wide-spread power of social media and used it to spread fake news stories. He said the Russian strongman had used it to disorient many Americans and divide the country. He warned that the Russian leader was using the same tactic to sabotage governments in the European Union. Soros is currently contributing millions of dollars to an international fact-checking organization that will warn people on media about fake social news.

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