March 4, 2017
WAH Psychic Jobs: Tarot Readers And Astrologers

If you've been wanting to work from home but you don't have any IT expertise, medical training, graphic design skills, or professional writing ability, there is another niche in the WAH world that has its own special requirements. If you have a knack for reading tarot cards or knowledge about astrology, you could work at home by applying for psychic jobs as a tarot card reader or astrologer.

Do You Have To Be "Psychic" To Be A Tarot Reader?

While some who work for phone and chat psychic websites call themselves "psychic" per se, many who read tarot cards balk a little at using that term. A tarot card reader is someone who may be intuitive or an "empath" with a knack for tuning into people's feelings but uses the tarot cards as a tool to gain insight into someone's personal situations. Unlike a psychic medium who claims abilities to directly channel angels or spirits of the deceased, a tarot reader learns the meanings of the cards and uses the images as the basis of their advice. Sites like Biddy Tarot even offer tarot certification courses to help you learn to be a professional tarot reader.

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Some WAH psychics and tarot readers also approach tarot reading from a psychological perspective, using the cards to tap into archetypes in the vein of the work of psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung. There are many resource books if you want to explore tarot from the Jungian perspective, such as the classic Jung and Tarot: An Archetypical Journey by Sallie Nichols.

Don't Lie To Others About Your Psychic Abilities, Or To Yourself

If you don't consider yourself a classic "psychic," be honest with others — and yourself — about your abilities and whether you offer a genuine service to people. Psychic scams like Miss Cleo's psychic hotline gave psychic jobs a bad reputation after legal troubles and accusations of fraud created lawsuits and ridicule.

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Things have changed in the business since then and most psychic websites will require you to do one or two test readings before they list you with their service. A few, like Keen and Kasamba, merely offer a platform for independent psychics to post their services, but you have to pay some kind of fee to get good placement in their listings. Unless you invest some money in getting a good listing high in their search system and building up a regular client base, it's going to be very hard to make decent money on sites with this business model.

If you're not camera shy, consider doing video chat readings on Oranum if you have high-speed internet, a good video camera, and a nice place to work on camera. Obviously, this particular job requires quality technology and that quiet work space that most WAH jobs need, although if that's not possible, many psychic websites also offer the ability to just do online chat if you prefer to stay off-camera or if your home has a noisy environment.

No Psychic Abilities? You Might Have A Knack For Astrology

If you don't feel like you're able to interpret tarot cards, which requires some intuitive ability and a knowledge of the cards, you might also consider developing a business as a professional astrologer. You can actually sign up for psychic jobs as an astrologer by listing yourself with that particular specialty, but due to the more time-consuming nature of this work, it's not very practical for people who are paying $1.99 per minute and up for a psychic reading and want you to work quickly.

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Astrologers used to cast personal charts by hand using an ephemeris that details where the planets are and what zodiac sign they are in at any given time, but now you can use specialized software that will not only create a chart showing the planetary positions for someone's birth time and place but generate automated reports. That allows you to sell in-depth reports on a person's natal chart, as well as love compatibility, relocation, or personalized predictions for astrology trends for individuals. Note that the software tends to be very pricey, as the creators are fully aware you'll be using it to create products you sell for profit.

Creating an astrology business means you can either do face-to-face or phone consultations where you discuss a chart with the client, or you can simply offer the reports without having to have any direct contact.

Even if you don't consider yourself "psychic" in the traditional sense, if you have knowledge about tarot cards or astrology, you could sign up for many WAH psychic jobs for extra income. Or if you succeed, even make a living as a work-at-home psychic.

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