Donald Trump To Bring Glitz, Glamor, And Son Who’s ‘Fond Of Firing Nannies’ To Washington? [Opinion]

Donald, Melania, and Barron Trump are expected to float in on a high tide of change that will resurrect that old-fashion D.C. social register. While Donald Trump is seen as the future president who will work long hours while attempting to get the nation back on track, there’s also a black tie side to him. Trump will fit in nicely when it comes to the social scene in D.C., as he loves to throw a party. Many expect to see Trump throw events that mirror yesteryear when Washington was saturated with old money, much like what Ronald and Nancy Reagan did.

Washington’s social observer Kevin Chaffee, who is the editor of Washington Life, states simply that with the Trump family coming to Washington, “it’s going to be glitz.”

Talking about the president-elect, Chaffee says, “He loves glitz.”

Trump has never tried to hide the luxury living that he, Melania, and Barron enjoy in the gilded Manhattan tower that carries his name.

Photos of the future first family in their digs atop Trump Towers sparkle, as everything around them is in gilded in the color of gold. Barron Trump will take up residence in the White House with his mom, which is said to be as soon as he finishes out the school year. How will Donald Trump’s youngest son fare in comparison to the kids who have previously grown up in the White House?

The youngest of all the Trump children is almost always seen in a suit and tie making it quite evident that 10-year-old Barron already knows how to put his best foot forward when it comes to his attire. Will he be more like Chelsea Clinton, the first daughter who appeared to be the epitome of a well-behaved child? “Mini Donald Trump,” which is a nickname Barron has acquired, certainly dresses the part.

What about the mischievous Bush twins, whose antics never hurt a soul, but their partying habits were always finding their way into the headlines? Will Barron Trump take that avenue? Obama’s children were are also well behaved except when Malia Obama was photographed allegedly smoking pot at a music festival, as the Hollywood Reporter cites. If that is the worst thing the Obama girls ever get into, Barack and Michelle are lucky as parents. At a young age, Barron Trump is already having a great deal of say in his surroundings and upbringing as the Washington Times reports that he is a young man “fond of firing his nannies.”

According to the Washington Times, Barron is a young man who has the tendency to draw on walls, something that doesn’t seem to be discouraged by his mother, Melania. Of course, it is not every wall in their luxury penthouse he can use to show off his handy work, just the walls that harbor Barron’s own floor. The White House will actually be a few steps down in the glitz department for the Trump family. It is not known what the future first lady will add to the décor when it comes to the Trump family’s personal surroundings inside the White House.

Washington is like a city on Ambien socially since the Obama’s moved in, according to Washington journalist and hostess Sally Quinn. Donald and Melania Trump are expected to bring just enough of their social life to Washington to liven up the town. The tendency to socialize outside of state dinners hasn’t been seen with the last few administrations.

President Obama and Michele were not ones for holding parties. There were no big shindigs in the Obama White House, and before them, George and Laura Bush were famous for their 9 o’clock bedtime. It is more like the days of the Ronald and Nancy Reagan White House that Donald and Melania Trump are expected to resurrect during their time in Washington.

The Reagans came straight out of Hollywood and their lifestyle came with them to some extent. Nancy was constantly on a critic’s list somewhere for her lavish spending. Not many who lived through that era can forget about her $210,000 White House China that caused a ruckus over her extravagant expenditures. American Heritage reports on the cost of that China, which was back in the 1980s when $210,000 would purchase a lot more than it would today.

When Nancy Reagan was introduced to Washington formally at the inaugural ball she wore a $25,000 gown, which would set you back $60,000 with today’s value of the dollar. She turned heads with all the extravagances she enjoyed, which was something she was accustomed to from her time in Hollywood. Now Donald, Melania, and Barron Trump will bring their own extravagances to the White House, like Barron’s nightly rub-down with Caviar Complexe C6, his mother’s moisturizer. The social scene in Washington is anticipating Donald and Melania Trump doing a good bit of entertaining, as Trump’s Washington team roster reads like the who’s who list of the nation’s billionaires.

[Featured Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]