UFO News: Shock Triangle Sighting In South Carolina As ‘Mother Ship’ Pursued By Black Helicopters

Today’s UFO news includes a shocking witness report from December 28, 2016, where a South Carolina witness states that triangle UFO craft were entering and exiting a UFO that looked like a star. While this witness’ claim is significant in its own right, it is coupled with a sighting in Monroe, North Carolina, that occurred approximately one hour and 15 minutes earlier and where a witness claims to have seen “TR-3B” type UFO triangles in the sky. Both sightings would appear to be covering the same event as they occurred approximately 145 miles apart.

The first triangle UFO sighting occurred in a Charlotte, North Carolina suburb. [Image by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images]

The first of the two UFO sightings was near Monroe, North Carolina, and from the description in the UFO report, it is clear that the witness was traveling on Highway 74. An employee of the retail store from where the client was traveling confirmed that a massive power outage did occur, and it was the result of a tractor-trailer striking the power lines on Highway 74. The news that is pertinent to this UFO sighting is his recounting of the events that followed when he spotted the triangle type UFO.

“…some were a solid color and a bit larger- like a very bright star. we noticed that some of them would hover and change direction, and once we noticed that two of the very bright whitish colored lights flew parallel to each other very fast and equidistant for quite some distance and then one light disappeared. while we were looking for other strange things in the sky, all of a sudden, right above us- while we were on the highway- a large triangle (tr3b?) shaped craft flew right overhead- directly over the nearest treetops. if my son had not seen and verified what i saw i seriously would have thought i was losing my mind.”

Note that the witness makes several key points. First, there were multiple triangle UFO craft in the sky. One of them was moving overhead at treetop levels. Most importantly, the witness describes that several of the triangle UFO craft in the formation looked like a star. This witness may have inadvertently verified a key element of the South Carolina UFO sighting shortly afterward, and that is certainly worth news coverage.


The South Carolina witness makes an extraordinary claim. The witness claims a large UFO that looked like a star was loitering for a two-hour duration. But then the witness makes the claim that the star was a UFO that other triangle type craft were entering and exiting.

“…i came back out about ten minutes later looked at the huge star craft then looked up over my head with no noise i saw over the house a triangular craft huge no sound i called my father out again after a while we went in we heard a helicopter so i ran out to see it was to black helicopters flying in the same direction over the house still triangular crafts everywhere also star craft still…”

The witness also states that black helicopters and stealth fighters were pursuing and being pursued by the triangle UFO craft. What is most significant in this testimony is the claim that the multiple triangle UFO craft were being transported by a larger aircraft or spacecraft. To set the record straight, this is not an unprecedented technological feat. The United States developed the B-36 “Peacemaker” strategic bomber, and it was news at that time because it contained a bay for launching a self-contained fighter for support on long missions. These bombers were rendered obsolete by longer-range fighters and air-to-air refueling technology, but the principle is the same as that being reported in this UFO news report.

The U.S. B 36 “Peacemaker” had the technology to launch support aircraft. [Image by Keystone/Getty Images]

Many details vital to a complete UFO news story remain missing with both of these sightings. In the first, it is unknown what direction the witness was traveling, and there is no localized weather data available. In the second, the witness observed the triangle UFO movements for approximately two hours and did not get any photos. In the interest of fairness, the witness claims to have been dizzy and suffering from a headache. Being that disoriented may have caused the witness to be stunned.

Without those details and with no photographic evidence, it is difficult to determine what happened in its entirety. However, these UFO sightings will likely turn up in the news again, as the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) has yet to investigate the claim. One can hope that the investigation does yield specific news that could provide many answers for UFO researchers. Perhaps someone in South Carolina has the visual evidence of a triangle UFO mother ship that would definitely make the UFO news.

[Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]

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