Pink And Husband Carey Hart Welcome 2nd Baby [Pics]

Pink and her husband, Carey Hart, have welcomed a second child. Pink confirmed this in an Instagram post she titled “Jameson Moon Hart 12.26.16,” where she held the adorable boy in her warm arms with noticeable blushes on her cheeks. Jameson seems to be smiling as he snoozes comfortably, a posture which earned him a new title from AOL as “the most adorable baby.”

The 37-year old singer and recording artist, well-known for her hit “Give Me A Reason,” also posted a photo of her husband, former Motorcross racer Carey Hart, holding the baby with a lush smile. Pink’s comment, “I love my baby daddy,” was nothing short of the heartfelt affection which fuels their relationship.

Pink, whose real name is Alecia Moore, announced her “surprise” pregnancy on November 16, and ever since, she had made it a duty to update her Instagram page on the growth of her baby bump.

Pink’s 5-year old daughter, Willow, has been busy anticipating the arrival of her beloved brother alongside her parents. In a post on her Instagram page a few weeks ago, Pink’s older child is seen putting a diaper on her baby doll.

In 2013, Pink revealed in an interview with Billboard how she desired to give Willow a sibling. According to her, “My daughter is everything to me. So I want her to have family beyond her papa and me. For that reason, I mostly want another one for her to have a lifelong friend.”

Carey Hart, Willow, and Pink At The LA Premiere Of ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass.’ [Photo By Richard Sotwell/Invision/AP]

In other words, Pink has a desire for a large family, one in which the age gap between the siblings isn’t too wide, if wide at all. This might be due to her experiences as a child growing up in the middle of two step-siblings who were much older than her. Pink’s husband also experienced a similar fate as he lived as an only child until he was 12, and he is again an only child following the demise of his brother in 2009 from an unfortunate accident.

The absence of this family of brothers and sisters, which Pink considers the “most important thing,” means that she might adopt more children, or possibly have more of her own.

“Family is the most important thing. And my best friend Grant has, like, four brothers and sisters. I love it — it’s like holidays, the chaos, the f**king fighting, the mom always having a kid around. For sure. I want to adopt, I want to have more — just, yes.”

Whatever she decides, Carey Hart seems ready for the task. Pink was full of admiration for her husband back in a 2010 interview with Access Hollywood for his unlimited kindness while they were expecting Willow. She said of her husband then that he’s “going to be a really, really cute daddy.”

Jameson’s name had been settled long before he was born, apparently due to their expectation of a male child at the time. The name is a contraction of James and Jason, Pink’s father and brother’s names respectively. Interestingly, Carey’s middle name is also Jason, much to Pink’s delight in the 2010 interview.

Pink and Hart have been married since 2006 before a brief separation in 2008 and an eventual reunion in 2009 following the death of Hart’s brother. Pink and her husband had decided to keep the sex of their unborn child a surprise until the baby’s birth, although Hart had never hidden his love of male children.

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