‘Sesame Street’ Continues Without Much Of Its Human Cast, But It’s Bringing Back ‘Elmo’s World’

Sesame Street is coming back for its 47th season, but for many people, the Street won’t be the same without its older human cast. According to The Times, 84-year-old Bob McGrath has been “released” from his role on the Sesame Street cast, which he has been playing for 45 years.

Other veteran cast members who won’t be returning include Emilio Delgado and Roscoe Orman.

Despite their exit from the revamped show, McGrath, Orman, and Delgado are said to be excited to be involved in the planning of Sesame Street’s upcoming 50th-anniversary celebrations.

Sesame Street is officially adding a revamped Elmo’s World segment to its 47th season beginning in January of 2017, according to Deadline. HBO has confirmed that Sesame Street’s new episodes will teach preschoolers relevant lessons.

Sesame Street will use its unique approach to teach kids pre-school related topics such as matching, sorting, and counting. The HBO TV series is a fun way to educate children as it also features live-actions films and interactive thinking games.

In Sesame Street’s 25 new Elmo’s World five-minute installments, Elmo and his animated cell phone called Smartie explore the topic of the day by using his vivid imagination. Mr. Noodle will be once again played by Bill Irwin, while it was also confirmed that his two brothers (played by Daniel Koren and Daveed Diggs) as well as real dogs named Frank, Schmoodle, and Floodle all return for the new 47th season.

In his statement shortly after the announcement of Sesame Street’s new season, Sesame Workshop’s director, Brown Johnson, said he was excited to be bringing back Elmo’s World for modern-day children.

“Kids love to learn with Elmo, and they are sure to enjoy the beautiful new chalk-drawn world Elmo creates in his imagination.”

The new season of Sesame Street will also include the show’s kindness curriculum and a new segment called “kindness cam.” In the segment, children will be shown clips from the episode in which real kids will perform related acts of kindness, and they’ll have to find the moment of kindness in those clips.

Sesame Street’s SVP of Content and Curriculum, Dr. Rosemarie Truglio, insisted that it’s crucial for preschool children to understand the idea of kindness and learn how to be kind with the help of interactive games.

“Children can learn that kindness means understanding the feelings and needs of others and that being kind not only makes others feel good, it can make them feel good too.”

Cookie Monster, one of Sesame Street’s most popular characters, has finally revealed how to get to Sesame Street, according to the Huffington Post. Cookie made the revelations on his birthday while chatting with the Huffington Post.

When Cookie came by the Huffington Post’s studio, he was in a very sharing mood. The Sesame Street character finally gave answers to some of the biggest Sesame Street mysteries, including naming what kind of bird Big Bird is.

Reminding everyone that he is no “ornithologist,” Cookie Monster said Big Bird is a “giant, flightless, yellow canary.” The Sesame Street character also revealed what Oscar the Grouch does on trash day.

“He locks up his trash can and he puts a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on it.”

In order to get to Sesame Street, Cookie Monster advises people to “plug into Google Maps or Waze.” But it’s not a very helpful answer, as Sesame Street fans have been trying to locate the mysterious street via Google Maps for years, but their attempts have been futile.

Cookie Monster also responded to Siri, who actually mentions Cookie every time Apple users ask their iPhone assistant how to divide zero by zero. It sure seems like Siri has been watching Sesame Street, too!

Explaining that dividing zero by zero would mean there are no cookies to split among zero friends, Siri says that the lack of cookies actually makes Cookie Monster “sad.” But Cookie Monster himself has the answer to the question!

Although the Sesame Street character admits that he has no idea how to divide zero by zero, he sure knows how to divide cookies into crumbs! To prove the point, Cookie Monster devoured a delicious cookie – meaning he has zero cookies left – and counted only six crumbs.

So here’s the answer to the question the world has been wondering about for centuries: dividing by zero cookies equals six crumbs!

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