Drake Is Dating Jennifer Lopez To Get Revenge On Diddy According To Funk Flex

As Drake and Jennifer Lopez stoke relationship rumors with snuggly pictures on Instagram, many fans of both performers are scratching their heads trying to figure out how that love connection happened. DJ Funk Flex has been trying to figure it out too, and he thinks he knows why Drake has been chasing after Diddy’s ex-girlfriend– it’s all about revenge.

It seems that Funk Flex has put a lot of thought into why Drake and J. Lo would be hooking up. Then the New York City DJ had an epiphany that he shared on Twitter.


They say that revenge is best served cold and wouldn’t hooking up with someone’s ex-girlfriend 15 years after they broke up be pretty cold?

“JLo is nice.. but my mans hit 17yrs ago.. these new sensitive n***a think we sweat p***y like them.. nah,” Funk Flex tweeted. “JLo? That’s the get back for a punch in the face? Took me all day to figure this out! Throwback p***y don’t never disrupt getting that bread! Facts! [ Canada Dry ]”

Is it possible that Drake is flirting so heavily with Jennifer Lopez because he still wants to get back at Diddy? It’s no secret that the “Fake Love” rapper likes to get revenge on those who have dissed him and Diddy dissed him pretty bad. That’s why Funk Flex and a few others are thinking he might be faking his love for J. Lo to get a little payback.

Most hip hop fans will remember when Diddy claimed that Drake stole the beat for his hit single “O to 100.” A beef between the rappers broke out when Drake dropped the track and Diddy claimed they were supposed to be working on it together. Drake argued that he waited around for Diddy long enough and decided to just put the song out on his own.

Fast forward to a confrontation between Drake and Diddy in 2014 when it was rumored that Diddy popped Drake in the face. The Bad Boy mogul denied putting his hands on the Toronto rapper but that is arguable, and it sounds like Drake may have even talked about the altercation in another song “4 PM in Calabasas” when he rapped, “Even had the OGs trying to press me.”


It would be pretty crazy if DJ Funk Flex was right and Drake is dating Jennifer Lopez to get back at Diddy over a song they were supposed to do a few years back. According to Funk Flex’s revenge hypothesis, J. Lo would have to be in on it too, though.

Uproxx pointed out that the Instagram photo posted by both Drake and J. Lo was done on the seventeenth anniversary of the NYC club shooting that essentially ended her relationship with Diddy. He was arrested on a weapons charge after the shooting but ended up getting acquitted while another rapper, Shine, took the fall for the shooting. Diddy changed his nickname from Puff Daddy, hoping to leave the whole drama behind him.


Jennifer Lopez, who was there for the whole thing, walked away from the relationship and started dating the much safer Ben Affleck instead. J.Lo is notorious for recycling her relationships, which is why she can’t stop rumors that she’s messing around with Casper Smart and Marc Anthony, but she never went back to Diddy.

Now Drake, who is 30-years old is courting Jennifer Lopez, who is 17 years his senior. The whole thing seems weird since he was supposed to be so in love with Rihanna, but after their rekindling fizzled out faster than it started, it seems plausible that he might try to rebound with J. Lo. Or he might be taking a sweet shot at Diddy by hooking up with the one girl that he can probably never get back.

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