NFL Rumors 2017: LA Rams New Coach Odds Favor Jon Gruden And Josh McDaniels; Sean Payton Or Ron Rivera In Play Via Trade?

The NFL rumors surrounding who will become the new LA Rams coach this offseason is sparking a fire storm in terms of big names, but at this point who will end up in sunny Los Angeles as the new leader is anybody’s guess.

All the big names have been thrown out there as possibilities, but it probably won’t be until after the Super Bowl until we know who will be the next Rams coach.

The vogue picks at the moment are Jon Gruden and Josh McDaniels, but the list is much bigger than that. In fact, several gaming outlets are posting odds on who will be the next coach to take over the Rams, with Gruden leading the way.

Jon Gruden rumors will only get stronger until someone is officially hired in LA. [Image by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images]

The former Super Bowl winning coach made it sound like he was very interested in listening to what the Rams had to offer just a week or so ago, however, now the NY Post (Via ESPN Radio) reported a few days ago that Jon Gruden isn’t interested in the job, well “right now,” that is.

“I love football. I’ve said that a million times, and I just want to say I’m very happy doing what I’m doing,” Gruden said. “There’s a lot of chips on the table. But right now, I have no intentions of coaching. I really enjoy what I’m doing and I feel like I’m really close to the fire. I’m getting plenty of satisfaction out of doing what I’m doing.”

You can’t blame Gruden if he didn’t officially throw his hat into the ring. He has a great job and makes a ton of money doing Monday Night Football on ESPN. However, one thing that could change all of that is the desire to lead a team to a championship again.

Certain coaches are wired that way, and Gruden seems to be one of them. He will be back on the sidelines one day, but where and when is anyone’s guess.

If Gruden is an unrealistic choice, how about Josh McDaniels?

McDaniels, the New England Patriots offensive coordinator, seems to be this year’s chic pick so far this season to be “that one coordinator” who will make the jump to a head coaching position. McDaniels has been highly successful at running offenses and he does have two years of head coaching experience with the Denver Broncos.

McDaniels would inherit a young team in the Rams, but that might be just what could attract him to the job.

If the Rams are still without a coach by Super Bowl Sunday, could they be working on trading for one?

Before you think that could never happen, it already has. In fact, some of the best coaches in the game have been traded during their career.

Bill Belichick was traded from the New York Jets to the New England Patriots back in 2000, and it is safe to say that may have been the best trade the Patriots ever made. Jon Gruden was also trade bait once. Gruden was dealt from the Oakland Raiders to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers back in 2002.

Gruden got the ultimate revenge when he led the Bucs over the Raiders in Super Bowl 37.

Could the Rams be on the lookout for their new coach via a blockbuster trade?

According to SB Nation, it could be possible.

Sean Payton and Ron Rivera are two other names on the Rams wish list, however, they are both under contract, thus leaving the only option to get one of them is to work out a trade deal.

Could Sean Payton of the New Orleans Saints be traded to the LA Rams? [Image by Grant Halverson/Getty Images]

Payton is a native of California and he would get a chance to work with a young quarterback in Jared Goff. Payton’s specialty is running the offense and working directly with quarterbacks. He helped mold a young Drew Brees, he may be able to do the same with Goff.

Rivera, on the other hand, has gone from last season’s toast of the town to that coach who doesn’t know his job anymore. That’s sports for you. It is crazy how quickly you can fall from the penthouse to the outhouse.

While trading for Payton or Rivera seems like a long shot now, it may become more of a realistic possibility when the NFL Draft gets closer. Speaking of odds, Oddshark has prop bets on who will be the new LA Rams coach in 2017.

Gruden may say he is not interested, but he is still the Vegas favorite – for now that is.

Here is a look at the possible new Rams head coaches and their current odds.

  • Jon Gruden +150
  • Josh McDaniels +400
  • Kyle Shanahan +600
  • Sean Payton +800
  • Jim Bob Cooter +1000
  • Todd Haley +1000
  • David Shaw +1800
  • Anthony Lynn +2500

[Featured Image by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images]

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