NASA Accidentally Photographs Gigantic Andromeda UFO Spaceship Orbiting Sun — Conspiracy Theorists Claim Proof Of Secret U.S. Space Program Dating Back To World War II

UFO conspiracy theory forums lit up with excited commentary and debate earlier this week after images surfaced on multiple UFO blogs claiming to show, at last, proof of an alleged U.S. secret space program conducted in alliance with technologically advanced alien races since after World War II.

According to UFO fanatics, earlier in the month, NASA unintentionally spilled the beans about the U.S. government’s seven-decades-old top-secret space program when the agency’s LASCO C2 camera, on board the SOHO satellite, captured two images allegedly showing the latest advanced version of the Andromeda Spaceship, a UFO mothership that has allegedly been in the works since 1943.

The SOHO satellite images, captured on August 23, 2015 and December 19, 2016, show, according to conspiracy theorists, a huge cigar-shaped UFO mothership believed to the Pentagon’s secret space program Andromeda Starship (LAS) orbiting our Sun. Two videos uploaded to YouTube by the UFO hunter Streetcap 1 on December 20 and December 27 featured the SOHO satellite images (see YouTube videos below).

The U.S. government, according to conspiracy theorists, inherited the secret space program from the Nazis who initiated it in 1943-45 under the code-name Andromeda-Gerät (Andromeda Device).

According to UFO researchers, the Nazis had entered into an alliance with technologically advanced alien species (the so-called Grey-Reptilian confederates) who provided technical assistance to Nazi scientists working to develop a gigantic, cigar-shaped UFO mothership designed to hold and transport smaller spacecraft.

But when the U.S. defeated the Nazis in World War II, U.S. intelligence officers found a cache of secret files relating to the project, including designs and specifications of the advanced crafts. Nazi scientists led them to the secret hangars where the crude prototype version of the cigar-shaped UFO mothership was stored.

The U.S. government immediately initiated a top-secret project under Operation Paper Clip to take over the top-secret Nazi program and relocated German scientists involved in the project to the U.S. where they continued their work.

The German scientists worked for decades under sworn secrecy and developed several prototypes of the alleged Andromeda-Gerät (Andromeda Device), based an advanced alien technology.

And going by the claims of secret space program researchers, 70 years later, the U.S.-German scientists, assisted by alien scientists and engineers, may have successfully built and secretly launched the massive Andromeda Starship into space and then into orbit around the Sun.

U.S. secret space program Andromeda Spaceship orbits our Sun, UFO hunters claim. [Image by NASA/SOHO]

The secret space program Andromeda Spaceship, according to conspiracy theorists, is by far the most advanced space vehicle ever built by humans. It is capable of withstanding the heat of the sun and can fly at great speeds to nearby stars.

The SOHO images, dated August 23, 2015, and December 19, 2016, could be first evidence to emerge of the successful completion of the alleged Pentagon-funded Andromeda-Gerät (Andromeda Device) project. The incredible photos, according to UFO conspiracy theorists, show a massive cigar-shaped artificial structure orbiting our Sun. The massive artificial object could be Pentagon’s shiny, brand new Andromeda Spaceship designed to transport Pentagon’s alleged secret fleet of smaller spaceships.

According to UFO researchers, the Andromeda Spaceship has two huge hangars that can hold several smaller space program crafts, such as the Vril 1, Vril 2 or the Haunebu. Pentagon’s fleet of smaller spaceships were designed and built under various top-secret U.S. space programs, as part of the government’s secret alliance with space aliens, conspiracy theorists claim.

Huge Andromeda Spaceship spotted flying close to our Sun, according to conspiracy theorists. [Image by NASA/SOHO]

But skeptics have repeatedly dismissed conspiracy theory claims that the U.S. government is involved in top-secret space projects in alliance with technologically advanced alien species. But believers cite alleged disclosure statements by several top U.S.-German scientists and engineers who reportedly relocated to the U.S. from Germany after World War II to participate in the U.S. government’s space programs.

“We find ourselves faced by powers which are far stronger than hitherto assumed, and whose base is at present unknown to us,” U.S.-German space program pioneer Wernher von Braun, who had served the Nazi regime, said cryptically in 1959, according to conspiracy theorists.

“We are now engaged in entering into closer contact with those powers, and within six or nine months’ time it may be possible to speak with more precision on the matter,” von Braun allegedly added.

A massive Andromeda Spaceship was built by under an alleged U.S. secret space program, according to conspiracy theorists. [Image by Fred Mantel/Shutterstock]

Dr. Hermann Oberth, top German Nazi rocket scientist and engineer, who later worked with the U.S. space program, also admitted that the Nazi program received assistance from extraterrestrial beings, according to conspiracy theorists.

“We cannot take the credit for our record advancement in certain scientific fields alone; we have been helped,” Oberth allegedly said.

When Oberth was asked who had helped the Nazi rocket program, he allegedly answered, “The people of other worlds.”

Believers have challenged skeptics to explain what Oberth meant by “people of other worlds.”

However, some conspiracy theorists disagree with the claim that artificial structures often sighted orbiting our Sun belong to the alleged top-secret U.S. government space program. According to a competing school of the thought, the artificial structures observed regularly near and around our Sun offer proof that a major interstellar or intergalactic highway passes through our inner solar system.

The artificial structures belong to spacefaring aliens that stopover at our sun to refuel or use our inner solar system as a convenient shortcut route to other parts of the Milky Way Galaxy, conspiracy theorists argue.

[Featured Image by Fred Mantel/Shutterstock]

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