Carrie Fisher To Appear On Two Episodes Of ‘Family Guy’ Posthumously

With Carrie Fisher’s sudden passing, fans are eager to see the work she completed before she died. One of the projects was voice acting for Family Guy, and there are reportedly two episodes in the tank. Fisher first worked with Seth MacFarlane back in 2005, playing Peter Griffin’s supervisor at the brewery.

Carrie Fisher died suddenly this week at age 60 after having a sudden heart attack on a flight from London to Los Angeles, says the Inquisitr, after shooting the show Catastrophe. Sadly, Fisher’s mother Debbie Reynolds died today after attempting to cope with the shock of losing a child suddenly. Rumors are surfacing that Fisher began having trouble once again with drugs after a history of cocaine and LSD abuse, in addition to trying to balance her medication for bipolar disorder.

PageSix says that Carrie Fisher had wrapped voice acting for Family Guy, playing Angela, Peter Griffin’s supervisor. The air dates for Carrie Fisher’s episodes of Family Guy have not yet been announced, but Fisher was said to really enjoy doing voice work for the show. To date, 20 episodes of Family Guy with Carrie Fisher have aired.


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Seth MacFarlane posted a statement about working with Carrie Fisher on Family Guy.

“Carrie Fisher was smart, funny, talented, surprising, and always a hell of a fun time to be around. Family Guy will miss her immensely.”

Rob Delaney, who starred along with Carrie Fisher in Catastrophe remembers Fisher fondly as brilliant, says Entertainment Tonight. Fisher played Delaney’s mother in the show about an American transplant living in London with his wife and two children.

“Yes, I knew Carrie Fisher. She played my mom on Catastrophe, the sitcom I write and star in with Sharon Horgan. Or should I say, ‘plays my mom,’ since we just finished shooting last week and Carrie’s scenes haven’t been seen by anyone yet. Except for me and Sharon that is, and our director, producer and editor. We’ve seen them and they’re amazing. I played some early cuts for my dad the other day and he was roaring. She’s a bigger part of series three than she was of the first two series. We couldn’t help but write more for her because she’s so brilliant.”

Delaney explains that long before he worked with Carrie Fisher, he was a big fan.

“So yes, I knew her, but like you, I was a fan first and a fan forever. Don’t feel worse for me today than you feel for yourself. Actually feel a little bit worse for me, since I won’t get to have her act right into my face any more or goof around with her between takes.”

Delaney explains that Fisher was the only cast member who was allowed to improvise because she had such natural instincts.

“Carrie was the only cast member Sharon and I would let improvise. (I say ‘let’; as if we could stop her. She let us put her in our show.) We’re a bit despotic and inflexible with our dialogue because we’re insane, but Carrie was more insane and would always, always make it funnier and better. In episode one of series two you can hear her singing an improvised song about areolae in the background of our daughter’s christening party.”

Carrie Fisher had just left the set of Catastrophe to fly back to Los Angeles for the holidays when she suffered her fatal heart attack on the plane.

Will you watch Carrie Fisher’s last episodes on Family Guy and Catastrophe?

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