Cory Booker Not Surprised Chris Christie Stepped Up Across Party Lines And Put NJ First

Chris Christie and President Obama’s bipartisan efforts to aid New Jersey when the election is just days away may have surprised some, but not Newark Mayor Cory Booker.

Cory Booker himself is another hands-on son of New Jersey, often hailed for his first-person efforts when disaster strikes in his city. Whether he is dispatching help via Twitter during a crippling snowstorm or racing into a burning building himself to rescue endangered Newark residents, Cory Booker gets the job done like a boss. (Booker was back at it on Twitter this week, using the microblogging service to again reach out to Newark residents in need while Sandy raged.)

Booker himself had small tiff with the Obama campaign earlier in the election cycle, but as an outspoken Democrat, Booker is also one of the President’s most vocal supporters.

And the young, rising Dem star says that Chris Christie’s bipartisan praise for Obama during the crisis and willingness to work together has come as no surprise to him.

Speaking today about what many have called the Obama/Christie “bromance,” Booker heaped accolades on the Governor for doing the right thing without partisan politics getting in the way. The Newark Mayor was asked on CNN’s Starting Point about whether he was surprised Christie stepped up to take the President’s hand and he answered:

“Not at all … We are in a state of crisis all across the state. And when you’re in a crisis, you don’t stop and ask your fellow New Jerseyan, your first responder, you don’t ask if they’re Republican, a Democrat. You don’t ask how they choose to pray to their God. You just pull together and do what’s necessary.”

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Booker continued:

“Let’s call it as it is … President Obama has been really hands-on in this. The governor’s heard from him numerous times, I’ve been on calls with him numerous times. He’s taking a personal interest … He’s been doing an incredible job cutting through red tape, connecting directly with those affected.”

Finally, the Newark Mayor said:

“This isn’t politics … Right now it’s just human beings facing human tragedy and pulling together to do so.”

Do you think Cory Booker and Chris Christie are strong examples of putting people ahead of party?