Carrie Fisher Walk Of Fame Star Made By Fans Following 'Star Wars' Actress' Death

Late Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher unofficially received a Walk of Fame star. After failing to be given one before her untimely death this past week, fans responded with a tribute using a star that hadn't been given to anyone as of yet.

For now, the fan-made star isn't going anywhere.

Star Wars co-workers and even Felicity Jones, who had admittedly never met Fisher, all agreed that she was an extremely funny person and a delight to be around. The tributes to Disney's adopted princess can be found all across Twitter and Facebook and are still growing after cardiac arrest took her life.

2016 has become notorious for its celebrity deaths, having taken not only Carrie Fisher, but also David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Lemmy Kilmister, Florence Henderson, George Michael, and almost too many to mention.

Fisher's acting career earned its jump start in 1977 with Star Wars, a film that only in the last 20 years gained a subtitle to differentiate it from the prequels. After having finished Return of the Jedi, she had solidified her place in the hearts of millions. In addition to appearing in the much-maligned and hard-to-find Star Wars Christmas Special, which George Lucas went to extreme means to attempt to make us all forget, she had also made a good share of cameos in other films, including Kevin Smith's Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Mike Myers' Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.

Carrie Fisher has had many cameos throughout her career.
Carrie Fisher has had many cameos throughout her career, including 'Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.' [Image by New Line Cinema]

Much of Carrie's career wasn't in front of the camera, having been an executive producer for These Old Broads, a singer whose music was heard in Hannah and her Sisters, Ringo, and, of course, that one movie George Lucas wants everybody to forget. She was also writer for Young Indiana Jones and Roseanne. She had only recently comeback to the front of the camera to reprise her role as Han Solo's (Harrison Ford) ex-wife and the General of the Resistance.

Oddly, it was Han Solo who ended up finishing his role in the series after Harrison Ford finally got what he wanted decades ago: He had wanted the character to die in the first film. However, according to a report from Variety, Fisher wrapped filming for next year's Star Wars Episode 8 prior to her death at the age of 60.

Carrie Fisher's metal bikini is one thing fans will hopefully leave off her Walk of Fame star.
Carrie Fisher's metal bikini is one thing fans will hopefully leave off her Walk of Fame star. [Image by Willrow Hood/]

With so much behind her, Carrie Fisher surprisingly never had a star given to her on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Fans came together to take an unused star and add gold lettering to read, "Carrie Fisher, may the Force be with you always." Various flowers were added, a sign that it was more than an honor to the late actress, but a memorial as well. Since it's highly doubtful that fans will be allowed to attend Fisher's funeral, it is probably the closest they will get. Thankfully, TMZ reports that the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce isn't removing it for a while.

In honor of Fisher's role as Princess Leia, fans also added a glass of blue milk – a popular beverage in the Star Wars films – and a cinnamon bun, an homage to her hairstyle in the original film. Hopefully, they'll keep it tasteful and not add a metal bikini in homage to her role in Return of the Jedi, when she was chained to Jabba.

Rest in peace, Carrie Fisher, and know that you remain the godmother of strong female roles in cinema.

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