Celebrity Deaths December, 2016: Carrie Fisher Doesn’t Want To Be Remembered For Her ‘Star Wars’ Slave Costume

Celebrity deaths in December, 2016, have been too much to bear, and one of the recent deaths that a lot of people are finding difficult to accept is the passing of renowned actress and writer Carrie Fisher.

Fisher suffered a heart attack minutes before her flight was about to arrive in L.A. She was on a book tour to promote her latest memoir, The Princess Diarist, when she flew in to L.A., but 15 minutes before the plane was to land she suffered a massive heart attack.

According to E! News, an EMT on board the plane tried to resuscitate her, but it took a while before she started breathing again.

Fisher was immediately brought to a hospital where she spent her Christmas in the ICU. Despite the efforts of doctors, the actress passed away on December 27 at 8:55 a.m.

Fans and celebrities were saddened by Fisher’s passing, which is another tragic inclusion to celebrity deaths in December, 2016, and many shared their thoughts about the iconic actress online.

Carrie Fisher passes away after suffering from a massive heart attack.
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Celebrities were also quick to share their thoughts on Fisher’s passing with most of them remembering their experiences with the late actress.

William Shatner, who is also an iconic actor for starring in the Star Trek series, and films, took to Twitter to share his grief over another celebrity death in December, 2016.

George Takei, who starred alongside Shatner in Star Trek, also shared his sympathies online.

Billy Dee Williams, who worked alongside Fisher, Harrison Ford, and Mark Hamill in the original Star Wars trilogy as Lando Calrissian, also tweeted his sympathies remembering the late actress with great fondness.

He added a somber message that referenced the films they made with George Lucas.

Many mourn the passing of Carrie Fisher and are deeply saddened that she had to be included in the celebrity deaths in December, 2016.

Many of them also remember how influential Fisher became to female thespians when she first took on the role as Princess Leia in the original Star Wars trilogy.

A lot of people deemed her portrayal of Leia as a positive influence to women everywhere because she exuded strength and independence when such things were still unheard of for a female character at that time. Carrie Fisher’s Leia was never a damsel in distress. Rather, Fisher’s role was that of a strong woman capable of holding her own against other men and it is because of this that a lot of people remember Fisher fondly and the role she popularized.

But if the strength and courage of Leia were aspects of her character to be remembered forever, the late actress would rather forget a few things about the intergalactic princess.

According to E! News, Fisher hated the slave costume that Princess Leia wore on Return of the Jedi. She said that the costume was uncomfortable to wear and that during filming she would often had to check if it was still intact and not spilling her breasts to the public.

After a scene she would say, “Hey, how they doin’? The hooters in place?”

Fisher, who tragically became another member of the celebrity deaths in December, 2016, also said that appearing on film almost naked wasn’t something she was entirely comfortable with.

She told NPR in November that she felt nervous the first time George Lucas brought the outfit to her.

Fisher said that not only was appearing almost naked such an embarrassing moment for her, but trying to make sure that there weren’t any creases on her body made it even harder for her to like the slave costume.

Princess Leia wax statue
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But despite all of that, she was able to weather the storm and even enjoy the experience because in the end she got to kill Jabba the Hut with her costume.

Fisher’s inclusion to celebrity deaths in December, 2016, is a tragic loss for a lot of people, but the late actress was able to share some of her wisdom before she died, and one of the things she passed on to another actress, who recently joined the Star Wars saga, has something to do with costumes as well.

Fisher told Daisy Ridley, who plays Rey in The Force Awakens, not to be “a slave” like she was during her time as Princess Leia.

Fisher not only hated her costume for its cumbersome features, but she also hated how it pigeonholed her into a sexual character for men to drool over, which she didn’t want Ridley to succumb to.

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