WWE News: Does ‘WWE RAW’ Star Sasha Banks Want To Be Moved To ‘WWE SmackDown Live’?

WWE RAW Superstar Sasha Banks has helped to change women’s wrestling for the better in 2016, but could she do the same things she did on RAW if she were moved to WWE SmackDown Live? Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair had a seven-month rivalry when no one ever expected women to have a rivalry that lasted over a month. They helped to change things for the better and had amazing matches along the way.

Banks won three WWE RAW Women’s Championships in that seven-month span, while Charlotte ended the year having had 4 Women’s Titles after the inaugural title was brought in at WrestleMania 32 earlier this year. While people hated the constant swapping of the title, they at least got to see an interesting program for the most part that, if nothing else, gave us wonderful matches.

Sasha Banks may now feel like she had done enough on the red brand and may want to go blue in 2017. A fan on Twitter put up a graphic that had Banks as the new Women’s Champion.

Banks replied to the tweet, writing, “I hope it’s blue.”

Charlotte Sasha
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This sort of makes people wonder if Sasha Banks is saying she is not happy on WWE RAW. Others see it as Banks being a competitor and putting it out there that she wants to win all the gold she is eligible for in the WWE. The latter would make the most sense as she has been used in big ways all year. It would not make sense for her to say that she hates being on WWE RAW.

WWE SmackDown Live has more women to work with, however, and with the fact that there are maybe four real girls for her to work with — two, mainly — she may feel like being on the blue brand would be more fun. It is not completely on WWE when it comes to the women of the RAW roster. Both Paige and Summer Rae are out with injuries, and they have two still-green women in Nia Jax and Dana Brooke to fill the void.

Due to the injuries and green women, WWE brought Bayley up from WWE NXT. Then, they had to have many months of Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks because of the issues that arose. Now that Emma is back, we can assume WWE will lean on her a bit in 2017 to help fill in holes left by others. There is a reason why most of the female programs did not last long — it was the wrestling. Banks can do well here, but she needs great women to work with.

Flair Banks RAW
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That means her program with Nia Jax might not go on very long and could just get her to the next rivalry she has, which could be with the likes of Emmalina. Due to the possible heel role she has going and her great wrestling ability, she’ll be a much-needed asset to the red brand in 2017 if they want to give us variety like SmackDown Live does every week.

Sasha Banks could do well on SmackDown Live, but the issue is that she is on RAW now. WWE has no plans to trade her or even let her leave RAW for a while. There is a rumored WWE Draft next summer, but this might not be like the previous ones where WWE drafted people from the other shows. Many are under the impression the draft will concern WWE NXT talent and that trades and free agency could occur during that time as well, which would allow for people to switch brands.

It is not impossible for WWE to do this, as it would make the most sense if they want to treat RAW and SmackDown like real brands. Not many brands draft stars from each other. They can trade and not sign people to a contract, however. That said, Sasha Banks could always switch brands, but it looks to be unlikely as of this writing and would not happen for several months if it does at all, according to Ringside News.

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