‘Ladies Of London’ Marissa Hermer Denies Spreading Rumors About Caroline Stanbury

Did Marissa Hermer actually spread rumors that Caroline Stanbury was moving to Dubai to hide from legal troubles stemming from the closing of her business, Gift Library? On the latest Ladies of London episode that aired on Tuesday night, Caroline made that claim after her friend, Luke Henderson, told her that there were people gossiping about the motive behind her move to Dubai. Caroline immediately denied that she was moving to escape any legal issues and placed the blame of rumors speculating otherwise on Marissa.

As the episode aired, Marissa took to Twitter to deny Caroline’s accusation. In one tweet, Marissa pointed out that she was too preoccupied with very serious matters going on in her life at that time to have the time to start rumors about Caroline.

As viewers saw on the latest season, Marissa faced life-threatening complications with her third pregnancy. Told that she could lose her baby and that her life was in danger, she went on bed rest for months. The season 3 premiere episode showed her going in for a C-section and hysterectomy at 34 weeks. Her husband nervously paced the halls waiting for news during the five-hour operation. Thankfully, both Marissa and her baby girl, named Sadie, came out well and are now both doing good.

Caroline’s accusation against Marissa seemed to have come out of nowhere since there weren’t any prior scenes of Marissa talking about Caroline’s business and reasoning behind her move to Dubai. In response to a viewer who wondered if she missed an episode where Marissa talked badly about Caroline’s business, Marissa said that she never did.

In response to another viewer who asked why Caroline assumed that Marissa spread the rumors, Marissa said that anyone’s guess is as good as hers. She added that Caroline had zero reasons to point the finger at her.

When another viewer pointed out that Marissa hardly had the time to spread rumors about Caroline since she was fighting for her and her baby’s life and that it was the tabloids who spread Caroline’s business, Marissa agreed. Marissa said that Caroline’s reasons for the move are simply of zero interest to her.

Caroline is still maintaining that Marissa Hermer was gossiping about her. In response to a viewer who tweeted that Marissa should worry about her own family rather than gossiping about Caroline, Caroline wrote that it would be nice if Marissa did that.

On Instagram, in response to one viewer who wondered if Caroline’s co-stars have anything else to talk about other than her, Caroline said that they obviously don’t.

“witherellheather: They are what we call haters. Do they have any thing else to talk about other than you??!!????????????????”

“carolinestanbury: @witherellheather nope clearly not”


On the prior season, viewers saw Caroline Stanbury come to terms with having to close her business, Gift Library. On the Ladies of London Season 3 premiere episode, Caroline explained that she and her family were moving to Dubai because her husband got a job offer there that was too good to pass up.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Caroline said in early December during her Watch What Happens Live appearance that she’s not sure if she’ll continue with the show considering that she now lives in Dubai, although she did add that she spends the summers in London.

On the latest episode, in a confessional interview, Caroline did say that closing Gift Library wasn’t simple and that it has taken a whole year to clean up “the mess.” She admitted that she had investors to deal with, legal ramifications and angry staff.

Then, during a scene with Luke Henderson, her friend and hair and makeup artist, Caroline said that she thinks that the closing of Gift Library has led her to Dubai and hopefully a more relaxed lifestyle. When Luke asked if her she was sure about the move, Caroline pointed out that she’ll have a very luxurious life in Dubai.

Luke then told Caroline that when he told the other girls that she was moving, they asked him what she’s running away from. He said that the others questioned whether Caroline was trying to run away from legal issues from the closing of Gift Library. Luke said that since they don’t have the balls to ask her directly, he’s now asking her. Caroline immediately said that she found the speculation “laughable” and that it shows that the others are just “housewives trying to play business.” Caroline pointed out that if she were to have legal issues, they wouldn’t just magically disappear just because she moved to Dubai. Caroline blamed Marissa for the gossip.

“Jules [Julie Montagu] and all the other girls, they don’t know any better, I get that. But Marissa should know better about legal issues with a business. Matt [Marissa’s husband Matt Hermer] has a huge business, he gets how hard it is.”

In her confessional interview, Caroline outright said that Marissa started the rumors. Caroline also referenced the legal issues that Marissa and Matt have faced with their own business, nightclub Boujis.

“Marissa started these rumors. Somehow she manages to find all the dirt there is on any of the rest of us but miraculously forgot what’s been going on in the newspapers with Boujis. I am angry. Little Miss Perfect is showing herself to maybe not be so perfect.”


Caroline actually later went to Marissa’s cocktail party. On the car ride over with Juliet Angus, Caroline said that she heard that Marissa was the one who spread rumors about her legal problems. Caroline admitted that while she was angry, she wasn’t going to confront Marissa at her party considering all that she has just gone through. Juliet agreed that Marissa could be a “s**t-stirrer.” Caroline added that she doesn’t even want to fight with Marissa about it because then she’ll have to teach her something.

In her confessional interview, Juliet made it clear that she believed that Marissa gossiped about Caroline.

“Marissa likes to convince everyone that she is always as sweet as pie but there is a side of her that is a bit of a s**t-stirrer.”

While Caroline Stanbury did avoid a heated confrontation with Marissa Hermer at her cocktail party, she did end up confronting friend Adela King for saying rude comments about her and not being supportive. Perhaps viewers will see a Caroline and Marissa confrontation in a future Ladies of London episode?

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