‘LHHNY’ Star Cardi B Gets Dragged By Boyfriend Tommy For Not Writing Or Visiting Him In Jail

Cardi B is enjoying the limelight that is Season 7 of Love & Hip Hop New York. Apparently, between recording music and filming the reality show, she’s been a little busy. Now, Cardi’s locked up boyfriend Tommy is angry that she hasn’t written him any letters. There are rumors that Cardi broke up with Tommy and that may have led to the nasty letters. Either way, no Cardi can stop worrying about her prison bae and start figuring out if she wants to date Swift.

Cardi B posted two letters from Tommy to Instagram before deleting them but Fameolous saved copies for everyone to see. In the first one, she captioned the handwritten letter with a message that read, “Ever since we broke up he wanna call me lil bro he annoying.” The other letter posted on Instagram by Cardi B had a caption that read, “This NIKKA Tommy annoying [heart emojis] Its all love.”

Both handwritten letters call Cardi B out for not writing him letters while he is in jail. Tommy complains in one that his bunk mate has already received mail but he’s not getting anything. It sounds like he’s mad at Cardi because she told him she was writing letters but she never really did.

In the first letter posted by Cardi, Tommy wrote that he received a letter from his mom that she wrote on the twenty-second. He points out that Cardi isn’t writing him any letters and he also seems pretty upset that she’s not trying to visit him either. That’s when Tommy tells Cardi, “suck my d**k.”

In the second letter, Tommy refers to Cardi as his “lil bro,” something she made clear that she doesn’t like. He tells Cardi that he’s been working out and listening to music while behind bars. Then Tommy gets to the point and tells Cardi that he’s been feeling a little pent up. Tommy asks Cardi to send him some dirty pictures so he can pleasure himself. He even tells her to hurry up and send them priority.

The letter continues and Tommy admits that he really misses Cardi and he asks her to be his valentine. Tommy goes on to tell Cardi that he was “living in a fairy tale thinking Ima come home cuddle up with you.”

Did Cardi B get tired of waiting for her boyfriend Tommy to get out of jail? Last season, Cardi talked about going down to the jailhouse and marrying her boyfriend but now it looks like she just got sick of waiting. With Cardi’s career taking off like a rocket and her fame rising even faster, she can date pretty much anyone that she wants to.

In a recent bonus clip from VH1,Cardi B is sad because Tommy doesn’t want to be with her anymore. Apparently, he can’t seem to understand just how busy she’s become now that she is touring all over the world and appearing weekly on LHHNY. Maybe Cardi is better off moving on without her jailed boyfriend.

That hasn’t stopped Cardi from admitting that she really misses her man. She even said she’s thinking about paying him a visit once her tour is over according to a more recent VH1 bonus clip so she can see if they can rekindle whatever it was that they had.

Now that Tommy has written Cardi from jail and went off on her for not visiting or writing to him, maybe she’ll have a change of heart and decide to go for a man who is already free. Right now Cardi B is on top of the world, the last thing she needs to deal with is getting cursed out by a guy who is sitting in jail and can’t do anything for her.

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