WWE News: Ryback Says John Cena Is A Non-Competitive Star Who Kills Rising Talents

John Cena has been accused of burying talent over his career, but much of that blame seems focused on creative pushing him over everyone. The same thing happened with Hulk Hogan in the ’80s, but John Cena has been going strong for over a decade now, dwarfing Hogan’s reign. According to Wrestling Inc, former WWE star Ryback said that John Cena is as much to blame as creative.

Ryback pointed to the emergence of The Nexus in the WWE. That faction was former NXT stars with Wade Barrett, Daniel Bryan, Heath Slater, Ryback (who was called Skip Sheffield at the time), Michael Tarver, Darren Young, David Otunga, and Justin Gabriel. They made their mark when they attacked John Cena, beat him down, and stood tall to make their name.

WWE News: Ryback Says John Cena Is A Noncompetitive Star Who Kills Rising Talents
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However, John Cena beat them almost singlehandedly three months later. Daniel Bryan left the group quickly when the WWE fired him in real life. Ryback was injured as well two months later. When talking about the development of The Nexus and the fact that John Cena killed their momentum, Ryback had strong words, calling John Cena non-competitive.

“It was not used properly mainly because of John Cena… It was eight guys getting over naturally. That’s why. God forbid guys get over naturally. That’s what happens when you get a non-competitive athlete in the top position who’s not used to competing in real life. That’s what happens”

Calling John Cena non-competitive might be harsh and isn’t true in all aspects of his career because he worked very hard to get to where he is. He also works hard to put on good matches every time out. However, this is not the only time that John Cena killed rising stars pushes.

Bray Wyatt was a huge rising star in the WWE and was booked as a dominant heel. When he ended up feuding with John Cena, he had some big moments in the feud, but Cena won the feud cleanly and dominantly at the end. It took Bray Wyatt a very long time for anyone to consider him a real threat again.

WWE News: Ryback Says John Cena Is A Noncompetitive Star Who Kills Rising Talents
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Rusev was another monster heel that John Cena dominated. Wade Barrett and The Nexus is another. Barrett could have been a big star but after Cena buried him and The Nexus, he never rose above mid-card level again. John Cena also eventually won his feud over Kevin Owens, but Owens was able to stay over with the fans.

There are some names that John Cena put over big time in the WWE. Both CM Punk and Daniel Bryan got big rubs from John Cena, and both became monster stars in the WWE thanks to it. Both of those wrestlers also got over on their own, which flies in the face of Ryback’s comments.


As the Inquisitr previously reported, John Cena has publicly said that he wants to find the guy who can replace him as the top star in the WWE. He just said that it is hard to find that person because it needs to be someone who shows up and busts their butt every day. AJ Styles might be that man, and he is someone else that John Cena put over. He also is someone who got over on their own.

“People have moments, moments that last in the annals of WWE history. But if you look at what I’ve done, I just show up all the time and deliver. I am waiting for someone after 14 years to show up all the time and deliver. You can ask many other WWE Superstars who know exactly how hard that is. I am just waiting for someone not to do it once, just to do it consistently better.”

Ryback was also someone who got over naturally with the fans. No one really cared much for him in The Nexus so going back to that moment seems strange. It hurt Wade Barrett, but Ryback was never in the consideration. The Shield came in and buried Ryback when he was getting over, so that would make sense. When it comes to calling out John Cena for his own shortcomings, that just seems strange.

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