B*Witched’s Keavy Lynch Opens Up About Difficult Reunion And ‘Living In Her Twin’s Shadow’

B*Witched may have been one of the best music sensations in the late ’90s, but there was certainly lots of drama behind the closed doors, according to News Australia. The band’s member Keavy Lynch recently opened up about how it was like living in the shadow of twin Edele.

In her interview with News Australia, Lynch got candid about her experience with B*Witched and how it truly felt during that awkward reunion in 2012. It all started with the four girls – twins Keavy and Edele Lynch, Sinead O’Carroll, and Lindsay Armaou – forming a group of four in 1996.

Two years later, B*Witched released song “C’est la Vie,” which broke charts both domestic and international. While it’s been 18 years since the release of their hit single, the girls have sold 3 million albums worldwide.

But it wasn’t a stardom full of unicorns and pink elephants for B*Witched. Keavy Lynch revealed to News Australia that the girls had tensions within the band, which could have become the reason why Sony dropped them in 2002.

Lynch admits that it took the four of them “by surprise” that Sony and their management had suddenly given up on them.

“Something went wrong, somebody ripped it from under our feet; we were very lost.”

Keavy also admits that while it all started out smoothly for B*Witched, as soon as a record company management got involved, her twin Edele was “pushed out front.” The singer reveals that it didn’t make the rest of the band feel “very good.”

While Edele took the spotlight and pretty much became the face of B*Witched, her twin Keavy admits that the rest of the band felt isolated and untalented. And while the girls accepted that Edele was the lead singer, what was more shocking is the fact that Sony dropped them.

For the next 11 years, the former B*Witched girls were removed from the music industry altogether. But Keavy admits that she probably took the news harder than the rest of the girls.

“I ended up feeling very lost about who I was. I was exhausted and it was just really, really tough.”

After B*Witched was pushed to the past, Lynch admits she didn’t know what to do with her life for the next few years outside the band.

“I guess I was a ticking bomb, and the bomb exploded. I was a twin in the band and living in my twin’s shadow.”

But in 2012, B*Witched had a unique chance to step back into the stardom. It was the British documentary series The Big Reunion that helped the girls get back together. But their reunion didn’t leave the kind of impression one would expect.

Keavy admitted that it took “a while” to convince the B*Witched girls to perform in front or large crowds again. But they eventually said “yes.” It’s been a rough journey for the girls. After the group was disbanded in 2002 and dropped by Sony, Sinéad O’Carroll decided to leave, according to Yahoo News.

After B*Witched disbanded, Keavy’s twin sissy, Edele, started writing songs for other popular bands like Girls Aloud and Sugababes. She even reunited with Keavy to perform in a duo called Barbarellas.

In the past few years, Edele has been focused on her reality TV career and has pretty much faded from the music industry. The former B*Witched band member even won Celebrity Apprentice Ireland in 2013 and appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in 2014.

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B*Witched are preparing for their Australian reunion tour in early 2017. Only time will tell if the girls can still claw their way back into the music industry.

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