$12,000 Haunted House In Texas A Labor Of Halloween Love

A $12,000 haunted house in Texas definitely puts your front lawn displays to shame, but the expensive Halloween decor has delighted locals who visit the pop-up attraction.

The $12,000 haunted house in Texas is the handiwork of Lakewood Village dad-of-two and salesman Dan Baker, who spent (in addition to enough money to buy a modest, brand-new car) a month creating the spooky attraction for Halloween revelers.

The $12,000 haunted house in Texas is no amateur operation either. The venture employs 30 actors to keep levels of scary up for visitors and spans a quarter of an acre in the North Texas neighborhood.

Acres of parking are also required to accommodate visitors to the $12,000 haunted house in Texas, and a thousand people are expected to turn out for a scare visiting Baker’s impressive efforts.

You may have heard everything is bigger in Texas, and bigger is certainly one of the aims Baker set out to achieve in creating the $12,000 haunted house. Speaking to local news, he explained:

“We’ve made probably the largest home haunted house in the state of Texas… Everyone’s blown away; they’ve never seen anything this big.”

Sound like a bit of childhood wish fulfillment? Baker says that’s part of it:

“Halloween’s not given the attention it deserves, in my opinion… The coolest thing for me about being an adult is now I can afford to do all the cool things I wanted to do as a kid.”

Baker was assisted by buddy Steve Hancock, who adds:

“We have never come across anything that is even close to this… We try to take this to the next level that, really, nobody’s ever done before.”

Baker elaborates on the $12,000 haunted house’s features:

“It literally encompasses every square inch of a quarter of an acre… this is a haunted house… Our goal is to scare you. There are things that are going to be creepy and just downright scary — that’s the point.”

Even cooler, the $12,000 haunted house in Texas is free to visit for lucky locals — and if you are feeling generous (like Baker and Hancock), any donations made will go to charity.