‘Attack On Titan’ Season 2 Official Trailer Mentions Shape-Shifters And Traitors – Anime To Explore Complex Relationship Between Humans And Gigantic Monsters

The official trailer for the hotly anticipated Season 2 of Attack on Titan anime was released by Funimation last week. The new trailer is being actively discussed on social media owing to the multiple aspects of the anime that were hinted and implied. Although the official trailer of the anime is quite brief, it manages to suggest a very complex relationship between the gargantuan monsters and the few remaining human settlements that live behind huge walls.

The teaser trailer for the highly anticipated Attack on Titan Season 2 was released late last week. The animated series that follows the manga of the same name ended abruptly after Season 1, leaving fans miffed. Owing to the intense action, drama, and mystery in Attack on Titan, the series never ceased to be actively searched and watched online, and the Japanese anime has been actively dubbed into several languages. While the fans have been discussing the possibility of Season 2 of Attack on Titan for a long time, Funimation dropped the trailer that offers a tantalizing preview, and hints at what to expect in the upcoming season that is set to debut in April of 2017.

The trailer released on YouTube starts with footage that has become all too familiar to most fans, reported Inverse. An army of diverse but gargantuan man-eating creatures, known as titans, is seen walking towards a human settlement that has taken shelter behind giant walls. As expected, the majority of the titans are devoid of skin, which exposes their muscles and tendons, lending a ghastly appearance.

Interestingly, among the giants with fairly proportional features, is a rather diminutive titan that has disproportionately large head and bulging eyes. It is quite possible the creators of Attack on Titan could be hinting at the evolution of the creatures. During the previous season, new titans, including the Colossal Titan as well as the ape-like Beast Titan, were revealed. While the mayhem was all too visible, the titans’ evolution and biology weren’t fully explained. It is quite likely that Season 2 of Attack on Titan could delve on the topic, elaborating on the origin and genealogy of the diverse group of titans.

As the trailer progresses, it is learned that the Wall Rose — the second outermost wall protecting the citizens of the Chlorba District, the Karanese District, and the Trost District — has been breached, reported Polygon. The Rose Wall had been one of the most fortified outer most defenses for the human settlements. The wall had stood for a long time, sheltering the humans who were defenseless without the elite Survey Corps. In fact, besides the elite group of fighters, the walls were the most reliable protection that stood between the titans and the human civilizations.

Fortunately, all of the main characters — including Eren, Mikasa, and Armin — are back in peak fighting form. With their pneumatic grappling hooks and swords, they are shown taking out titan after titan with their various maneuvering techniques and expert swordsmanship. The pneumatic hooks, mounted on the waist, allow the members of the Survey Corp to get airborne and remain in the air while fighting the titans by swinging and slashing the rather dimwitted and slow creatures.

“Only when a person stops fighting do they lose. As long as we continue to fight, we are not beaten,” the group is heard saying.

The trailer hints at a couple of new titans that fans will be acquainted with when the series premiers in April of 2017. In one of the scenes, the Beast Titan is seen hurling a full-grown horse towards a member of the Survey Corps.

The previous season discussed the shape-shifting members of the Survey Corps. These brave warriors possessed the power of transforming into titans. Although Season 1 did discuss the evolution briefly, there was never a satisfying explanation about the true intentions of some of these humans. In the official trailer, a smaller titan is seen tearing into the bodies of other titans. It is quite possible that these titans attacking other titans could be shape-shifters. While the trailer doesn’t elaborate, it is possible the titan could be Eren Jaeger.

Besides these titans, the previous season hinted there could be a few of these creatures within the very walls that were erected to protect the humans. The trailer hints at the “hardening ability of the titans,” noting that these creatures could be used to fortify the walls by sealing the holes in them. Moreover, the Beast Titan is shown with a hint of compassion and kindness, while the voice-over states that titans have been protecting humans from other titans for a long time. One of the members of the Survey Corps also discusses the traitor in their midst but doesn’t offer any names.

Will Commander Erwin Smith use the titans hidden among the districts’ citizens as a counter force against the man-eating giants? Does Eren hold the key to restoring the Walls? Will the titans hiding inside the wall and other creatures fight alongside humans? Hopefully, these questions will be answered in Season 2 of Attack on Titan.

[Featured Image by Hajime Isayama/Attack on Titan]