Hurricane Sandy Forces Coffins To Rise From The Ground

Hurricane Sandy pummeled the east coast of America to such a degree that even coffins were raised from their position six feet under the ground by its force.

In Crisfield, Maryland, two caskets rose up from beneath the ground due to the power of the water that was unleashed on the cemetery. It even managed to dislodge the huge slabs of cement that covered the graves.

Sandy killed at least 50 people, many of whom were struck by falling trees and debris, and moved across many largely populated areas in the north east of America before progress up the coast and towards Canada too.

Its full effect won’t be known for days, but it has already been labeled the most devastating storm in decades, and many civilians are still without power and have taken to fleeing their homes.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg summed it up quite succinctly by simply stating, “Nature is an awful lot more powerful than we are.”

Lower Manhattan lost electricity and became inundated with water, with seven subway tunnels between Manhattan and Brooklyn taking on wave after wave of water. The New York Stock Exchange was closed for a second day, which is the first time this has occurred since the 1888 blizzard.

Large parts of New Jersey and Queens were destroyed by the disaster with an entire block of around 100 homes in the later ruined because of a large fire. President Obama has today visited the state of New Jersey to assess the damage as for the time being at least, his bid for re-election takes a back seat.