Home Filled With Cardboard Boxes? Amazon And Goodwill Team Up To Offer A Solution To The Post-Christmas Clutter

As Christmas 2016 has officially come to an end, it is not uncommon for your house to start to fill with post-Christmas clutter in the form of cardboard boxes and unwanted old toys. Fortunately, Amazon and Goodwill have teamed up to offer a solution to the post-Christmas clutter. If you have unwanted old items or cardboard boxes floating around your home, keep reading to find out how the Amazon and Goodwill partnership can help you with this problem.

Amazon and Goodwill have teamed up with an organization called Give Back Box to provide shoppers with a way to get rid of the cardboard boxes and some household clutter at the same time. If you have items in your home you’ve been meaning to donate to Goodwill, the company’s new partnership with Amazon could be the answer you’ve been waiting for.

Amazon teams up with Goodwill
Amazon teams up with Goodwill [Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]Featured image credit: Justin SullivanGetty Images

The Give Back Box free shipping program encourages online shoppers to reuse the cardboard boxes their new products arrive in to donate unused items in their home to Goodwill. For example, will your children be getting a number of new toys for Christmas from grandma? This can be exciting for children, but a pain for parents who already feel as though they are drowning in a sea of toys.

Use all of the new toys your children got as an opportunity to go through your children’s toys and get rid of some of the toys they no longer play with. Fill up one of the cardboard boxes you have lying around the home with some of these old toys and donate them to Goodwill using the free shipping program.

Per Scary Mom, you can visit the Give Back Box website to print off a free shipping label. Then, you can place the label on the box and drop it off at any post office or UPS store. If you are unable to make it out of your home to drop off the package, you can even call the post office or UPS to have the package picked up from your home. Then, you just leave the box out for the carrier to pick up.

Goodwill teams up with Amazon
Goodwill teams up with Amazon [Image by Mel Evans/AP Images]

For shoppers who lack a printer, just pack up the cardboard box and take it to the nearest UPS store. The user will need to create the label through the GiveBackBox site at The UPS Store location, print it there and The UPS Store will ship the box to the nearest participating Goodwill for free.

Goodwill is an international nonprofit organization. All the money the company raises via the donated items will be put back into programs for the community such as job training. In the year 2016, Goodwill was able to help 35 million people gain access to online job training. Not only does this new Amazon and Goodwill partnership provide you with a way to recycle all those cardboard boxes cluttering your home, it gives you a chance to help your community. Technically, you can do all of this without having to set foot outside.

Despite the fact that the Give Back Box program was born thanks to the partnership between Goodwill and Amazon, online shoppers are encouraged to use any cardboard boxes they have cluttering the home – not just Amazon boxes. “No Box Left Behind” is the motto of the organization. This new partnership between Goodwill and Amazon gives you the chance to recycle a cardboard box, de-clutter your house, donate unwanted items, and help put more money into community programs all at the same time.

Ship cardboard boxes of donated items for free
Ship cardboard boxes of donated items for free. [Image by Africa Studio/ShutterStock.com]

While Amazon certainly isn’t the only store online shoppers purchase items from, it ships out roughly 4 million boxes a day.

What do you think about the new partnership between Amazon and Goodwill? Do you have any post-Christmas clutter the new Amazon and Goodwill partnership could help with? Will you be using this program to pack up a few boxes and get them shipped and donated to Goodwill free of charge? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section found down below.

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