Missouri Parents Killed In Highway 5 Car Crash While Driving To See Son In Hospital Who Had Been Injured In Separate Crash

Parents Daniel Hahn, 38, and Lori Hendrickson, 37, of Pittsburgh, Missouri, were killed Friday in an auto accident on Highway 5 while driving to see their son, who had been seriously injured in a separate crash on Highway 54, according to the CBS News.

On the morning of December 16, Hahn and Hendrickson received a devastating call pertaining to their 19-year-old son Chris Hahn, who had been seriously injured in a head-on collision on Highway 54 in Camden County.

At around 7:15 a.m., the teen, who is a cashier at the Camdenton Walmart, was traveling westbound on US 54 in his 2001 Hyundai when he suddenly swerved to avoid hitting a tractor trailer. He reportedly “crossed the eastbound lanes and struck an eastbound 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan driven by Jay A. Binspacher, 30, of Camdenton, head-on,” which caused his vehicle to catch fire.

Chris suffered a “fractured skull, brain swelling and bleeding, and he was put into an induced coma.”

Without hesitation, his parents got into their 2011 Volkswagen and began driving to see their son at University Hospital in Columbia, which was two hours away from their home – but they never made it.

Tragedy struck around 4:17 p.m. when a vehicle carrying two passengers – Arthur Hayes, 36, and his 35-year-old wife, Crystal Hayes – reportedly crossed the center line, hitting Hahn and Hendrickson head-on.

All four passengers were pronounced dead at the scene.

Authorities say Hahn and Henderickson, who were horse trainers, were wearing seatbelts while the couple, who left behind two children, in the other vehicle were not.

Alexa Daniel told reporters that she doesn’t know Chris very well but they work together at Walmart. She added that “we all pretty much feel the same. Concern for him and hoping that he will get better soon. The accident alone with Chris was very unexpected and tragedy to begin with, and then to add on his parents as well is kind of like a double-whammy.”

After her co-workers’ parents were killed in a car crash, Daniel created a Go Fund Me page to help with Chris’ medical expenses and the cost of his parents’ funerals.

Thus far, he has amassed almost $14k in donations but Daniel is hoping to reach $50K.

“Rather than sit around and wonder if something is going to be done about it, I figured I would do it myself, that way I know something is going to be done because a little bit helps. Every little bit helps,” said Daniel.

“He’s 19-years-old, has a whole life ahead of him and I just hope to bring his life back to the way it was as much as I can.”

Social media users were heartbroken after learning about the Missouri parents being killed in a crash while driving to see their injured son.

In a Facebook post, Donna Kinder wrote, “My gosh, this is just tragic. I hope this young man has a full recovery. His life will never be the same.”

Another Facebook user, Priscilla Benitez, wrote, “Just heartbreaking, I hope he has other family members to help him during this time of need. I am glad they set up a Go Fund Me account. I am going to donate now.”

“His life will never be the same again. Reading this broke my heart. I honestly and truly hope that the dark times he will face, he will get through them. I cannot imagine the amount of guilt he will feel and I hope he will seek help. This wasn’t his fault. He is not to blame. I sincerely hope he’ll accept that one day.”

Benitez added, “My condolences to him and his extended family. I hope one day when life itself gets better, he’ll see how strong he is and has always been. I can’t with this story, it breaks my heart so much.”

Since the crash, Chris has awakened from his coma and was informed about his parents passing.

He has been released from the hospital, and Chris is now being supported by family and friends.

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