October 17, 2017
Samantha Bee 'Full Frontal' Segment Made Fun Of Stage IV Cancer Patient

Samantha Bee has enjoyed a popular cable television following since breaking away from the Daily Show and starting her own weekly talk show on TBS. But a recent segment has her new show under fire after inadvertently making fun of a stage IV cancer patient.

For many still reeling from the election season's results, Bee's Full Frontal has become a release of sorts.

The show typically consists of Samantha Bee skewering Republican and alt-right leaders through a series of news and media clips.

Bee also frequently breaks away to conduct interviews. One of her most famous recent ones involved a one-on-one with conservative talk show host Glenn Beck.

In that segment, Samantha and Glenn seemed to find mutual respect despite their clear ideological differences.

However, any bridging of the conservative-liberal gap that Bee managed in that piece is in jeopardy after a Wednesday night (March 8) clip focused in on a young man at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) with a shaved head.

Full Frontal correspondent Michael Rubens narrated the segment, which has since been scrubbed from the internet, during which he had this to say.

"This year, the bow ties were gone, replaced by Nazi hair, Nazi hair, Nazi hair... and CPAC was decidedly Trump country."
With each usage of the term "Nazi hair," the video showed pictures of the attendees and one landed on Kyle Coddington.

This drew an angry tweet from Megan Coddington, Kyle's sister.

Megan's tweet, in turn, drew a response from the official Samantha Bee Twitter account.By then, however, the damage was already done with conservative Twitter users seizing on the exchange and disparaging Bee for running the segment on her show.

One Twitter user, @SarahT_in_Prov, summed up why there would be no forgiveness for Bee, stating that conservatives were going to "go liberal" on her -- the implication being that the political left has the market cornered on online outrage.

The implication is not one entirely manufactured by the political right either. As social worker and self-identifying liberal Bailey Lamon put it in a recent post for Medium, "I am exhausted and saddened by the fact that any type of disagreement or difference of opinion in an activist circle will lead to a fight, which sometimes includes abandonment of certain people, deeming them 'unsafe' as well as public shaming and slander."

Lamon chastises her ideological brothers and sisters for claiming to "be building... a better way of dealing with social problems -- but if a person makes a mistake, says and/or does something wrong, they are not even given a chance to explain their side of what happened because the process of conflict resolution is in itself driven by ideology rather than a willingness to understand facts."

In that regard, conservatives like the Twitter user mentioned above are using this misstep by Samantha Bee as an attempt to put the proverbial shoe on the other foot.

For Bee's part, she did not stop with a simple apology. A follow-up on this story by Mediaite found that on Coddington's GoFundMe to help with medical expenses, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee is now the top donor at $1,000.

Close to $16,000 of a $2,500 goal has been raised as of this post.

[Image via GoFundMe, linked above]

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