Colorado Girl’s Tearful Video Going Viral, She’s Tired Of ‘Bronco Bamma’ And Mitt Romney

One Colorado girl who has had enough of the election made her feelings about Mitt Romney and “Bronco Bamma” known if a tearful video. Apparently, the never-ending political advertisements in swing states are weighing heavily on even the youngest Americans. The adorable little redhead was only soothed when her mommy promised it will all be over soon.

Mother and daughter had been listening to NPR on the way to the grocery store when 4-year-old Abby had a meltdown, KUSA-TV reports. The bewildered mother was able to capture the conversation on video. The short exchange is rapidly approaching viral status online.

Huge tears rolled down the Colorado girl’s face as she vehemently declared, “I’m tired of ‘Bronco Bamma’ and Mitt Romney.”

The loving mother assured her daughter that the election will be here soon and she will not be subjected to anyone more political advertisements or discussions again for a long time. Although the Colorado mom meant well, the aftermath of the election, regardless of who wins, will likely take up the majority of airtime for weeks to come.


Those of us who live in swing states feel little Abby’s pain. Six more days can sometimes feel like an eternity, even to adults. Commercials for both President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney seem to be broadcast on the radio and television every couple of minutes. Changing the channel does not help. The quest to snag undecided voters by both candidates subject everyone to seemingly constant exposure to partisan political banter.

Elizabeth Evans offered her daughter a reprieve from the news and commercials after getting their groceries. The pair jammed to Neil Yong all the way home.