Chris Brown’s Mom Dreams of Him And Rihanna Being Back Together

Chris Brown’s mom dreams of him and Rihanna getting back together and doesn’t feel as if any of his many past girlfriends can “hold a candle” to her.

Despite it now being more than a year since her son and the “Umbrella” singer were a public item, Brown’s mom Joyce Hawkins is convinced the sultry singer remains his soulmate.

“Joyce knows that Rihanna is the true love of Chris’ life and wishes they would have worked out long-term,” a source added. “Rih’s not only one of those few women that you can bring home, she’s one of the few that gets along with mama, go shopping with mama and respects mama and mama’s son.”

The 27-year-old Brown and Rihanna have been known to have dated on two separate occasions, both of them ending in well-documented, public breakups.

Back in 2009, the two parted with the “Loyal” singer facing criminal charges and ultimately being placed on probation after he physically attacked her in L.A. while they were in town for the Grammy Awards.

Chris Brown talks with Recording Artist Tank and Former NFL Player Warren Sapp at the WizPak Launch Party in Florida. [Image by Mychal Watts/Getty Images for WizPak]

Part of Brown’s punishment also included him being ordered to keep his distance and not have any contact with Rihanna. Several years passed before the two briefly rekindled their relationship and again became a couple.

More recently, Brown has been linked to rumored new girlfriend Krista Santiago and reports are earlier this month he gifted the 25-year-old model with a diamond Rolex watch for her birthday and around that same time, a key to his lavish home.

As news of Brown’s new relationship spread, Rihanna publicly hinted that she was happy for Brown, but admitted each time she hears Alicia Keys’ 2001 throwback tune “Fallin,” she thinks of her ex and longs for what could have been.

“It made her reflect on how deep their love was when they were in their heyday,” a source said of her recent reaction to hearing the classic ballad. “She sent Chris the YouTube link. The words Alicia sang just got to Rihanna.”

The heart of the song revolves around a woman falling in and out of love with the same person, but seemingly always willing to give things one more try.

Not long ago, Brown and Rihanna were rumored to be speaking and maybe even planning to meet up again.

Rihanna attends the 'Man Aware' event held by the Barbados National HIV/AIDS Commission in Bridgetown, Barbados [Image by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]

The would-be reunion all started when the 28-year Rihanna was warmly moved by an Instagram video Brown posted of him reacting to a mother teaching her young daughter positive affirmations, reminding and reassuring her that she can be and do anything.

“This honestly had me in tears but of joy,” Brown posted. “This is what makes me continue to wanna be better and also have faith in humanity. I commend this wonderful little girl and her mother most of all for being able to understand the hurt that a child may go through but the willingness to love yourself and be GREAT LIKE THE YOUNG KINGS AND YOUNG QUEENS WE ALL ARE.”

Rihanna was recently linked with fellow rapper Drake, but that relationship also ended bitterly with her blasting him as a “jerk” amid growing rumors that he and Jennifer Lopez are now an item.

Over the years, Brown and Drake have openly battled for Rihanna’s attention, seemly antagonizing one another every step of the way.

Back in 2010, their entourages brawled at a New York City nightclub after Drake taunted Brown about Rihanna and the two of them allegedly hooking up. The bloody, bottle-throwing fracas ended with Brown sporting a deep gash near his chin that required stitches after being struck in the face and clubbed over the head with a bottle.

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