Geico Apologizes For Seemingly Canvassing Racists After State Farm’s Ad [Opinion]

State Farm’s interracial couple ad isn’t setting well with the racists of America. Unfortunately for Geico, it attempted to cash in before really understanding what was happening.

While it’s believable one would seek to capture the competition’s lost customers — especially when offering the same service — it didn’t quite work out the way Geico planned.

You’ve probably seen State Farm’s latest ad. The purpose of the ad was to bring focus to protection services, including ring protection.

Well, everyone seemed to miss the message when the messengers appeared as an interracial couple.

That’s when America’s potentially racist citizens started speaking out and opposing State Farm — many even vow never to use the company’s services again.


State Farm Not Responding

People have come up with all kinds of reasons State Farm should remove the ad. Honestly, they’re all really horrible to see in the comment threads.

Some are even saying it’s State Farm’s version of interracial pedophilia; others call it propaganda for the future of white genocide.


Likewise, many others have complemented these race-fueled remarks with derogatory statistics against interracial couples, specifically those with a black male and white female.

Overall, these supremacist-minded individuals simply weren’t having State Farm’s interracial ad as a representation of their values.

Many chose to exit. And, the competitor was waiting by the door, so to speak.

Geico To The “Rescue”

Once competitor Geico recognized that customers were vowing to leave State Farm — without proper research into the situation — the company’s social media team attempted to capture a few.

However, it immediately bit them in the rear when people started questioning Geico’s moral values.


Surely, it hit Geico’s team like a ton of bricks when it all dawned on them.

While State Farm still has yet to respond about its barrage of racist feedback, Geico responded almost immediately upon recognizing what was happening. Via Twitter, the company mentions as follows.

“Today we replied to a tweet offering a quote without seeing the image & its context. We apologize for the error & do not share their views.”

And, seemingly, this apology came just in time.


Yet, even through all the confusion, State Farm intended the following message for its audience.

State Farm’s Special Items Detail

Via the company website, it lays out specifics about covering certain items, such as jewelry. The information is actually expounded on within the company’s Personal Articles Policy. The source states the following statements.

“While your policy may offer great coverage, it may require deductibles and have coverage limitations. Make sure your personal property is adequately covered against theft, accidental damage, or loss, by adding a State Farm® Personal Articles Policy.”

However, jewelry isn’t the only consideration for “special items.” According to State Farm, the list reads as follows.

  • Cameras
  • Collectibles (such as dolls, model trains, sports cards, comic books, and stamp and coin collections)
  • Computer equipment and software (personal use only)
  • Fine art (such as oriental rugs and paintings)
  • Furs
  • Hearing aids and medical devices (such as insulin pumps, hearing implants, and artificial eyes and limbs)
  • Jewelry
  • Musical instruments
  • Silverware/goldware
  • Sports equipment

From the reactions that the interracial ad gained, you can see the intent was a far cry from some people’s perceptions.

But, look on the bright side, at least State Farm now knows which policy holders are possibly racist, right?

What are your thoughts regarding the new ad? Did it bother you? Feel free to share in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Jonathan Weiss/Shutterstock]