The Scientology Sea Org: What We Have Learned From WikiLeaks And Former Members

The Scientology Sea Org has become a hot topic on the internet lately, especially with Leah Remini’s latest revelations to date. However, Remini is not the only one to have gone public with her ordeal at the hands of the Scientology Sea Org, as we will learn.

WikiLeaks report that the Scientology Sea Org was started by L. Ron Hubbard back in 1968, with Hubbard giving himself the title of “Commodore” of his “pseudo navy.” They state that when L. Ron Hubbard founded the organization, they originally worked with small ships and a larger boat, and then in the mid 1970s began working on land. Sea Org members can expect to perform any task that they have been assigned, with little to no choice.

In their painstaking research of the Scientology Sea Org, WikiLeaks have obtained a copy of a 1990 training manual. It is quite obvious why members are forced to sign a billion-year contract, as evidenced by this manual. Sea Org officials believe that if you don’t have workers, the organization will simply vanish.

“The first thing you have to have if you have a ship is a crew, and if you don’t have one you don’t have a ship for very long.”

L. Ron Hubbard at home in Sussex in 1959.
L. Ron Hubbard created the Scientology Sea Org in 1968. Here he is at his Sussex home, Saint Hill Manor, with his Electrometer in 1959. [Image by Chris Ware/Getty Images]

When you peruse the Sea Org training manual, you can very quickly see that it reads like a great cult treatise. Members are forced to submit without question, and any idea of thought or individuality is strictly forbidden.

“So that’s what happens when a crew members starts individuating. They individuate, they pull their flippers into their sea-turtle shell and they say, ‘Now if I just exactly hew the line, and I know that there’s a hole in the hull, but that’s not my department.’ You start getting destruction by specialization. Now, an organization that is composed of superindividuals will eventually cause all of them a great deal of trouble.”

Amy Scobee, a former Scientology member, has revealed that members of the Sea Org are forced to lie to loved ones like parents, as reported by Rolling Stone. In her case, when she was just 16 years of age, Scientology officials convinced her to go behind her parents’ back in order to join the organization, knowing that they would not be happy with their daughter’s participation.

As Scobee’s mother was also a Scientologist herself, she did find out about her daughter’s involvement with the Sea Org, but it was only at the very last minute. As a result, she was convinced to sign a consent form, which is a requirement for those that are underage. And despite what Scientologists say about not trying to actively recruit young members into the Sea Org, there is a website filled with stories about other former underage members called Ex-Scientology Kids.

As mentioned above, members of the Scientology Sea Org are required to sign a billion-year contract when they join, which shows just how out of contact with reality Scientologists really are. Yes, they are actually obligated to serve for a billion years. Some of the members spend decades devotedly working for the Sea Org and find themselves earning well below a normal living wage.

A Scientology E-Meter at the Church of Scientology Community Center in Los Angeles, on June 5, 2013.
A Scientology E-Meter at the Church of Scientology Community Center in Los Angeles, on June 5, 2013. [Image by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]

If they leave the Sea Org, they are forced to pay back any and all services given to them as they have broken their billion-year contract. Imagine leaving any other organization or job anywhere and then being forced to pay back money for services rendered to you, simply because you left before a billion years was up. It is quite unthinkable, really. This is why many members of this organization find themselves leaving early with no bank account or anything to put on their resume, besides the fact that they were once members of the Scientology Sea Org.

As further ex-members of the Scientology Sea Org continue to tell their stories, we can’t help but wonder how such a very large cult could continue to flourish without much interruption in this day and age.

[Featured Image by Stringer/Getty Images]