‘The Big Bang Theory’: Steve Molaro Talks Sheldon, Amy’s Wedding In Season 10 [Spoilers]

The Big Bang Theory’s most loved couple Amy (Mayim Bialik) and Sheldon (Jim Parsons) have come a long way since their Season 4 platonic relationship days. Their relationship may have taken a snail-speed to evolve, but just like all normal couples, they have also reached a point where the next logical step for them would be to get engaged and set a wedding date. Will Shamy fans get to see their favorite couple’s wedding in The Big Bang Theory Season 10?

If Sheldon decides in his own quirky way to pop the question, he does not need to go ring shopping. Remember he already has a ring tucked away in a drawer. But the writers of the hugely popular sitcom are in no rush to make the man-child propose to Amy. Also, the couple’s wedding is not happening anytime soon.

In Episode 4 of The Big Bang Theory Season 10, Amy moved in with Sheldon after her apartment got flooded. The two started living together in Penny’s (Kaley Cuoco) apartment as a part of a five-week scientific arrangement. Executive producer Steve Molaro told Entertainment Weekly that Sheldon and Amy’s living arrangement had offered them a “boatload of fun stories” to explore and they were not in a hurry to show their engagement. He, however, said that he was excited to find out when Sheldon would propose to Amy as the engagement ring was still floating around in the picture.

“Right now, there is such a new world of living together and what that means, and working that out. That’s offered a boatload of fun stories, so I don’t think we’re in a rush for an engagement. Everyone knows that ring is floating around. Who knows when? I’m excited to find out.”

Sheldon and Amy met for the first in the final moments of The Big Bang Theory Season 3, and over the course of the next six seasons, their ever-evolving relationship has taken baby steps to move from one milestone to another.

A still shot of Jim Parsons' Sheldon and Mayim Bialik's Amy from their first meeting in The Big Bang Theory Season 3.
Amy and Sheldon’s new living arrangement has brought the question of their wedding to the fore. [Image by ‘The Big Bang Theory’/CBS]

They officially became boyfriend and girlfriend in the fifth season of the series, and in Season 7, Sheldon kissed Amy for the first time. And it took a prom-night for them to confess their love for each other in Season 8.

The love confession, however, did not make Sheldon more considerate and an agreeable boyfriend. An emotionally and physically drained Amy decided to break up with him in The Big Bang Theory Season 8 finale, and a heartbroken Sheldon revealed to the audience that he was very much invested in the relationship and engagement was on his mind. He pulled out his Meemaw’s engagement ring, wondering what he should do with it post-breakup.

Season 9 of The Big Bang Theory saw Amy dating other guys. Sheldon, however, soon realized that he would never be able to get over her, and he walked in on one of her dates to kiss and make-up. And the previous season also saw Shamy do the unthinkable and indulge in coitus for the first time on Amy’s birthday. It was Amy’s birthday once again in The Big Bang Theory Season 10 midseason finale. And as per their once-annually activity to celebrate her birthday, they had sex for the second time.

The two are slowly but surely settling in as a couple who are living together, and Sheldon has started to move his things from his and Leonard’s (Johnny Galecki) apartment to Penny’s. It should surprise no one if the temporary arrangement becomes a permanent one in the upcoming episodes, but the wedding is still not on the table.

Amy and Sheldon praying together with Sheldon's mother Mary in winter premiere of The Big Bang Theory Season 10.
Amy and Sheldon will be paying a visit to Mary in Texas in winter premiere of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 10. [Image by ‘The Big Bang Theory’/CBS]

The couple, however, would be going to Texas in Episode 12 of The Big Bang Theory Season 10 to tell Sheldon’s mother, Mary (Laurie Metcalf), that they were living together in sin, Molaro told EW. The episode synopsis hints that this trip is going to end up on a horrible note.

“After the holidays, Sheldon and Amy visit Penny and Leonard to talk about their not-so-very merry Christmas trip to Texas to visit Sheldon’s mother.”

The Big Bang Theory Season 10 is currently on a two-week hiatus, and it will be returning to CBS with Episode 10, titled “The Holiday Summation,” on January 5.

Watch Sheldon wish Amy happy birthday in Episode 11 of The Big Bang Theory Season 10.

[Featured Image by The Big Bang Theory/CBS]